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Meta Threads Teams Up with Xbox on Lifestyle Apparel Line at E3 2019

by Matthew Wrightson
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Meta Threads Introduces the Next Evolution of High-Quality Gamer Clothing Available June 11th

Meta Threads, the popular gamer clothing line which hosts top styles from influencers and esports teams, has joined forces with Microsoft for their second generation of Xbox apparel, launching June 11th during E3 2019. Meta Threads and Microsoft have been working on a second clothing line that highlights both athletic and technological influences. Maintaining an urban stylish tone, the gear will create functional modern clothing for gamers everywhere.

The iconic Xbox brand comes together with Meta Thread’s look to create a futuristic, hard-hitting line that brings the lifestyle of gaming to every fan.

 “Working with a team as talented as Xbox has made the creative development process an incredible experience. Gaming remains a dominant force in pop culture and our goal is to capture the lifestyle beyond just the screen, bringing it into our fan’s every day lives. We are excited to announce our second collection with Xbox at E3 and are looking forward to future projects.” – Steve Nabi Co-Founder and President of Meta Threads.

“Meta Threads celebrates the gaming community with their creative direction and quality execution.  This new line delivers aspirational and accessible gear.  We can’t wait to see fans flying their colors at E3!” – John Friend, Director, Xbox & Halo Consumer Products.

The second generation of Xbox apparel will make its debut at E3 with 15 unique pieces that will be available for purchase beginning June 11th, 2019. Two of the 15 pieces at E3 will be exclusively available at the Microsoft Theater from June 11th to June 13th.  Fans can also customize their Xbox gear with their own Gamertag – Part of the unique fan experience for the event will be coming away with your own personal design.

See them at the Meta Threads booth in the Microsoft Theater at L.A. Live or on the E3 show floor at Booth SH2747.

Xbox Official Gear Shop – https://gear.xbox.com/  

Meta Threads Store – https://metathreads.com/

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