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Stream to Twitch from Xbox one

by Matthew Wrightson
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If you own an Xbox One and dream of becoming the next streaming superstar, broadcasting to Twitch right from your console is a snap.

Whether you want to show off how insanely good you are at Call of Duty or just want some company as you explore Anthem, it only takes a few button taps to go live on the biggest game-streaming platform in the world. Here’s how to use Twitch on Xbox One.

1.    Download and launch the free Twitch app from the Xbox Store.

2.    Select Log In. You’ll need an active Twitch account to stream from the app.

3.    Visit http://twitch.tv/activate on your computer or phone and enter the code that appears on-screen.

4.    Open the game you want to stream on your Xbox One.

5.    Double-tap the home button, select the Snap menu from the bottom and select Twitch.. If you have Kinect or a gaming headset on, you can also open Twitch by simply saying “Cortana, broadcast” or “Cortana, open Twitch.” Once the app is open, select Broadcast.

6.    Name your broadcast. You can also visit the Settings menu before you go live, which lets you adjust microphone, chat and Kinect settings, as well as change the broadcast quality of your stream.

7.    Select Start Broadcast to go live. You can view your Twitch chat or change settings from the right side of the screen. You can also hide the Twitch sidebar by double-tapping the home button and selecting Unsnap, or by saying “Cortana, unsnap.”

You’re now live on Twitch, so have fun and get ready to make some new friends! For more in-depth tips on growing your channel

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