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forwARdgame releases SCOAAR

by Matthew Wrightson
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Finally, an AR game that’s truly real.

Active mobile gaming startup forwARdgame, is proud to launch SCOAAR, a first of a kind gameplay experience in the AR category.
SCOAAR is a Shared AR Air Hockey game where players move their game piece by moving in the real world. The novelty is in the gameplay, that uses the entire body for playing, making the experience so real.
Controlling the game by moving in the real world immerses the player in it.

The faster they run – the stronger they hit their piece, as far as launching a fireball at the opponent and increase the chance of “scoAARing”.
The game table can be put anywhere (lit indoors and outdoors) as it floats over the floor. The puck and game pieces movements are perfectly synced between the devices, as well as to up to 5 spectators,
The unique real-world game control truly immerses the player into the game. Before the two players start a game, up to 5 more users can join in as spectators and view the drama live in AR.
“We pushed the limits of mobile technology, with one thing in mind – a perfect combination of the real world and phone orientation through the device’s camera, gyroscope, and accelerometer.” – says Tim Friedland, forwARdgame Co-Founder & CEO.
SCOAAR is controlled only by the players’ movements in the real world.
Players need to move their hands and body fast in order to hit the puck hard.
The challenge is to coordinate the movements and hit the puck precisely, in order to direct it towards the opponent’s goal.
This unique gameplay creates an experience of playing a real Air Hockey game, as the controls are made to mimic the moves used in Air Hockey. A natural benefit for the players is that SCOAAR makes them active. It generates a highly competitive setup, proposing a seemingly simple yet very physical challenge.
“Our idea to create an AR Air Hockey, came to us as dedicated fans of Air Hockey. It is such an enjoyable, yet not accessible game. We wanted to make Air Hockey fit in your pocket, ready to be played together anywhere in the real world. And as we are all about active, to be controlled by moving. We believe it’s a truly active, unique and enjoyable game.”

“We envision the games of the future to be played in the real world. We believe that Augmented Reality eye-gear will become wildly available and we make our games with this in mind. SCOAAR is an example of a Mixed Reality application, where the virtual world becomes a tangible part of the real world. The players interact with it the same way they would interact with physical objects.” – adds Tim.
SCOAAR is compatible with any iPhone 6s and newer. It will be available for download from Apple’s AppStore here:

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