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Front Runners’ On iOS & Android

by Matthew Wrightson
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Front Runners On iOS & Android Challenges You To A Hilarious Hunt For Votes In New York & California Endless Run. Endless Fun. Join The Race Today!

Indie game developer UX-Fit is proud to offer you a head start in the run for the presidential office by trying out Front Runners, a hilarious politically-themed endless runner offering caricatures of popular candidates on a frantic run for votes.

Front Runners is a fast and furious runner challenging you to collect votes in the all-important states of New York and California. Choose your candidate from a growing list of prospects and collect as many votes as possible! Mimicking a political picture not far from current events, you need to account for angry mobs, parked cars, barbwire walls, stalking press, public annoyances and unavoidable scandals on your way to success! Flip, dodge and roll with laser-like precision and speed defeating other candidates and even your friends.  Elbow your way through the competition and utilize cool items such as the stars-and-stripes powered jetpack for a boost to the front. Who said politics was boring?!?
Front Runners is available as a free download on iOS® & Android™ and includes a host of fun personalities to play; the Sleeper, the Don, the Cuban, the Professor and the Warrior are ready for action in this highly addictive spoof. The game is brought to life with an original, techno-patriotic soundtrack and hilarious sound effects from Injected Senses, LLC.
Play against your friends, play against the world; just play! It’s hilarious, fast-paced fun and a welcome break from the politics-as-usual election season
Front Runners is available from here:

iOS® https://apple.co/3dL4sMY
Android™ https://bit.ly/3iLia65 

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