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Great debut for FRAG Pro Shooter

by Matthew Wrightson
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The Parisian based studio Oh BiBi is proud to share some impressive stats for its most recent release, the free to play competitive shooter FRAG Pro Shooter. Launched two months ago, FRAG Pro Shooter seduced more than 7 million new players since the end of its beta across both iOS and Android.
FRAG Pro Shooter is off to a great start, but the game is still young and Oh BiBi has a lot of content in store! “We’re very happy with FRAG Pro Shooter’s initial launch, the game has reached a level of traction redefining what we had envisioned. Most importantly, we are engaging with a community of very active players that are the heart and soul of FRAG Pro Shooter,” says Oh BiBi co-founder Stanislas Dewavrin. “The launch was just a small stepping stone on the path of FRAG’s adventure as we’re truly committed to increasing the content and improving the gaming experience.”

When asked about the future of the game, Stanislas Dewarvin has no secrets. “We’ve planned characters for several years ahead alongside some very engaging live events and competitions. The audience wants us to move toward eSport… We’ll do it very very carefully by providing the most competitive players with the tools to build how FRAG Pro Shooter, as an eSport, should be shaped. If the game was to succeed on this front, it would be thanks to the most dedicated players.”
A fistful of numbers:

  • More than 7 million New Unique Users since launch
  • 1 million Daily Active Users on launch week
  • More than 130 million battles fought since launch
  • 135 billion shots fired
  • 750,000 messages posted by the fans
  • 250,000 FRAG Pro Shooter YouTube channel subscribers
  • 105,000 5 star reviews
  • 200,000 FRAG Pro Shooter videos on YouTube

iOS page: https://itunes.apple.com/app/frag-pro-shooter/id1314391359

Google play page: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ohbibi.fps 

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