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Apologies from the editor

by Matthew Wrightson
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Apologies from the editor, I must apologise to all the readers for the recent lack of content on the site. This has not been intentional. Unfortunately, I am currently involved in a legal fight with the ex-wife over access rights to my children.

A long story short, I have been divorced for the last 9 years and always had access to the children, with the exception that my eldest child has lived with me these past 10 years. Due to her domestic abuse towards me.


Recently my ex-wife has refused access to the youngest child and this has meant that I have had to apply to the UK Family Court for an enforcement order which in turn has meant that she has tried to change the order-making up all manner is strange fabrications. (for a legal reason I cannot go into this)

Anyhow with the exorbitant cost of lawyers and barristers, I am having to do a lot of research and paperwork to fight the fabrications myself, which is not only time consuming but also really hard with the minefield that is the court system nothing is ever that straight forward.

I hopefully will be back updating soon but in the meantime keep gaming and enjoy the new releases out soon like Star Wars.

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