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Back to the Battlefield

by Matthew Wrightson
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After a couple of years away I started to miss the modern war experience of Battlefield 4 so back to the battlefield it was and God how I missed this game.

Don’t get me wrong i loved BF1 and BFV and other modern shooters like Call of Duty Modern Warfare but they are just not the same. I played through all the Battlefield series over the years and as most would Say Bad Company 2 is by far the best, but in these modern times and on Playstation 4, BF4 is the best to hand

Surprisingly the servers are still active due to the dedicated hardcore groups still playing and this meant I had no issues jumping straight back in as assault on classic maps like Operation Locker, Siege of Shanghai and Golmud Railway.

Battlefield has always gone big or goes home and BF4 was the edition where we had levolution included which is demonstrated below. watching the C point in Siege of Shanghai get destroyed by a skyscraper fulling to its doom or the blowing the bridge in Dawnbreaker by increasing the gas supply under the road were and still are fantastic additions to the map to cause destruction and change how the maps played.

It’s not just that, the gunplay and mechanics pretty spot on in this iteration of the game and made it one of the best so much so that I recently introduced my Daughter 20 to this version of the game, she has been playing about 1 year mainly on call of duty and I needed to show her that there are priceless gems out there better and bigger than COD and so far she was massively impressed, learning the guns and bullet drops for snipers etc. Which means the squad can grow.


Now if EA/Dice for the next version can take all from BF3 and BF4 and make that into a new modern shooter for the next Battlefield then you can take my money now, however, if they stick to the format/problems in BF1 and BFV where it seems to be either op guns and snipers everywhere due to the maps being to open spaced and nothing really unique to make them stand out of the crowd I will probably take the miss and spend the money elsewhere. Battlefield needs to go back to its roots and copy the past version from 3 and 4 to build that fan base back.


Call of Duty came along with it ground war and BR and has literally won over some of the BF fans and that a shame.

Clearly this is my opinion and that some will disagree, but I wish the franchise comes back big, bold and strong in the next version.

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