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Best Drops Call of Duty Warzone

by Matthew Wrightson
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So you are looking for the best drops for Call of Duty Warzone, well we have done the research, tested the game and can tell you below these are the spots to drop to jump into the action.

Best Drops for Call of Duty Warzone
Best Drops Call of Duty Warzone

You can jump right into Warzone and for a quick hard action push, you can choose from these locations. Some are better than others

Between the TV Station and the Stadium





Middle of Airport, Storage Town, and the Superstore

Northeast of the Airport

South of the Quarry

The Military Base

Depending on the path for the drop, the busiest spots are The Military Base, Dam, Downtown, and Boneyard. these are big loot areas and plenty of gamers to kill. but like most Battle Royales it is survival of the fittest.

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