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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

by Matthew Wrightson
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This year DRKN has collaborated with Activision to create a unique Call of Dutyâ: Modern Warfareâ collection. The collection includes jackets, army-style vests, hoodies, t-shirts, caps and beanies that capture the gritty aesthetic of the game. Known for the quality of product and sharp design, DRKN’s new range will live up to fans’ expectations in every detail: from the highest quality cotton to zippers and practical details tailored for gamers. 
” I am very excited about this partnership and collection”, says Hampus Ericstam, responsible for the development of the range at DRKN. “The collection has been inspired by Call of Duty and seeks to evoke the thin line that separates order and total chaos,” says Ericstam. 
Every garment in the collection will come with up to four different patches, two of which are official DRKN and Modern Warfare patches, the others – up to gamers to pick. “We encourage gamers to personalize clothes by ordering their own patches. This option will become available on the DRKN website from the end of November” says Ericstam.
The DRKN x Call of Duty: Modern Warfare collection will be available for preorder on DRKN.com in September and available for purchase in the first week of October in celebration of the game’s highly anticipated global launch on October 25th. Limited numbers of pre-orders are available at DRKN.com today to secure exclusive and limited pieces. 

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