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Pooplers PC, Nintendo Switch release dates

by Matthew Wrightson
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Every place is a playground – Pooplers PC and Nintendo Switch release dates announced. The upcoming game from Art Games Studio is a title primarily for fans of couch co-op games, who enjoy a wacky setting and like to fool around. In March players will get the chance to control naughty toddlers, both on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Make a mess and don’t get caught:

In Pooplers players take on the roles of playful babies – when no one is watching, they spread around the house and smudge the floor. Their goal is to cover as much surface, as possible and become the master of mess!

Once they escape their bed, toddlers smear the floor in different colors – whoever covers the biggest part, wins. Characters will have different special abilities that will bring players closer to victory, such as bombs splashing on bigger areas. This will allow every player to create their individual strategy and gain advantage over their opponents.

However, grown ups will not appreciate the mess. Toddlers caught red-handed will be carried back to their bed and the temporary “break” from messing around will set them back in the competition.

Many battlegrounds:

Chaos in the house is just the beginning! Pooplers offer many different game modes: playing against other babies, team vs. team or maybe clash with parents? Funny football match or fighting hordes of zombies in co-op mode?

Pooplers are not limited to one style of playing or only one location. Messing around the house is not that fun anymore? Maybe it would be cool to see what chaos looks like on the bottom of the sea or on a space station?

Key features of the game:

multiplayer mode for up to 4 players – play with bots or with your friends

different game modes – pvp, co-op, parents vs. toddlers

perks… – different power-ups allow players to create their own strategies

… and obstacles – alarmed mom will take care of naughty babies

unique visuals – you can customize your characters


The PC version of Pooplers will launch on Steam PC on March 12th 2020 and on Nintendo Switch on March 20th.

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