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Rage 2 – A Ranger’s Guide to the Post-Post Apocalypse Part 1

by Matthew Wrightson
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The Lovely folks at Bethesda have drop us this guide to help you out in the wastelands of Rage 2.


I seriously hope you have an idea, but if not, let’s start with a video.

Welcome to the Wasteland, Rangers! Out in the wild world of RAGE 2, you will find all kinds of assorted nasties, all of which are trying to kill you. Luckily, you’re armed with the kinds of toys you’re used to playing within an id Software game – chunky, badass guns that go boom in a very big way. And in RAGE 2, they are paired with incredible Nanotrite Abilities to help you smash, splatter and otherwise soup-ify mutants and weirdos alike.

The shortest definition of RAGE 2: the game transports id Software’s iconic first-person combat from the linear worlds of games past into an insane open-world birthed from the mad creators at Avalanche Studios.

In other words, RAGE 2 is just FUN. Don’t overthink it. This is your awesome-ass Bruckheimer summer blockbuster. RAGE 2 is more Armageddon than Melancholia (bonus points if you’ve seen Melancholia).

• I like Armageddon, but the Internet is split.

So, if you don’t like it, replace that reference with the awesome-ass summer blockbuster of your choice. The Rock? It’s FUN to use Vortex, bounce up off it, Grav-Jump even higher, Dash forward, suspend in midair aiming down sights, fry enemies with the Firestorm Pistol, and then Slam down on the remainders, turning them into meaty piles of juicy gibs.

Our biggest tip is this: take your time, explore the Wasteland, upgrade everything, find all the Arks, get your guns and Abilities, become the Wasteland Superhero, and save the world! And have FUN!


Let me assure you, you’re fine. RAGE 1 released in 2011. Captain America was just thawing and R.E.M. broke up. Everybody Hurt in 2011.

Here are our RAGE 1 CliffsNotes: An asteroid hit earth, ruining everything + there were LOTS of mutants + everything was brown (or off-brown) + John Goodman was there + “MEGA-TEXTURES” were probably in the review guide (LOL) + lots of guns were happening, while, ironically, the ending … just kinda didn’t!

• Fun Fact: RAGE 1 shipped five weeks before Skyrim. Guess which one sold countless millions for years on every possible platform and became a cultural phenomenon? Fus-Ro-D’OH!

RAGE 2 picks up the story much later. If RAGE 1 was the post-apocalypse, RAGE 2 is the post-POST apocalypse. There are trees and water and even jungles now (and still some brown)! You are a totally new character! You can choose to be male or female Walker, the last Ranger. Things have changed!

So, if you didn’t play RAGE 1, don’t worry. You won’t feel out of place. If you did play RAGE 1, you’ll find hooks to revive your fondest memories. And if you’ve avoided shooters your whole life — just play on “Easy” like your friendly PR person. You won’t be cheating yourself, or the game … and you’ll gain everything. #JustHaveFun

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