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Rage 2 – A Ranger’s Guide to the Post-Post Apocalypse Part 2 – Guns, Combat & Abilities

by Matthew Wrightson
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RAGE 2 is classic id Software combat. You’ve got a devastating arsenal of flesh-chewing weaponry that you FEEL in your bones when you pull the trigger. You’re the most powerful being in this world, using your movement and Abilities as offense and defense. There is no stealth in this game; you force the issue, constantly pushing forward into the fight. And there are gibs. Loads of sweet, sweet gibs.

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RAGE 2’s big-ass weapons are all upgradeable, and include:

• Wingstick: The RAGE staple. Throw this three-armed boomerang at a mutant and watch it rip them apart. The best part about the Wingstick is that it can come right back to you after you throw it. You don’t even have to walk over and pick it up.

• Pistol: Every shooter needs a basic starter pistol, and the Ranger’s trusty sidearm packs the stopping power you’ll need to pop some bad guy skulls. The pistol has a standard burst shot as well as a focused heavy damage shot for the extra OOMPH.

• Ranger Assault Rifle: Walker’s number one partner in the fight against the Authority, the Ranger Assault Rifle is fully automatic and highly customizable. It was designed specifically for the Nanotrite-infused Rangers of the wasteland.

• Combat Shotgun: The Combat Shotgun is a BEAST. In standard mode, it fires like all id shotguns
– packing devastating spread damage that blows enemies back. But … aiming down sights will pop out fins on the sides, melting the shot into one massive slug that tosses enemies around in a comical dance of physics and pain.

• Smart Rocket Launcher: The “Fury” Smart Rocket Launcher features top-of-the-line lock-on technology, ensuring no one can escape its explosive wrath. Built to take out mechanized targets, it can wreak unimaginable chaos on vulnerable meat bags.

• Charged Pulse Cannon: Get ready to melt some faces with the Charged Pulse Cannon, a monster of a gun that spits bolts of pure, burning energy. The ammunition for this weapon is highly unstable, breaking down instantly upon impact and releasing a super-heated EMP blast.

• Hyper-Cannon: With its unmatched range and penetration power (oh!), the Hyper-Cannon is ideal for striking first from a distance. Hold the trigger to build up a magnetic charge and propel a high-speed rail straight through not one, not two, not three… actually, we don’t know how many Goon heads it can shoot through. Test it out for us, will ya?

• Firestorm Revolver: The Firestorm Revolver is more closely related to grenade launchers than actual revolvers. Lean on this weapon when you absolutely, positively want to watch the world burn. Fire the rounds into enemies, Thanos-snap your fingers, and enjoy the roasting meat.

• Grav-Dart Launcher: Toss your enemies around like ragdolls and defy the laws of gravity with the Grav-Dart Launcher. Fill them full of barbed, graviton-charged darts and watch your foes fly.


Guns are great, but what elevates RAGE 2 combat to AMAZING is combining that firepower with Nanotrite Abilities, a set of special skills that turn you into a Wasteland Superhero. Here are just some of the abilities, and each can be upgraded to be even more ridiculously powerful.

• Dash: Launch yourself across the battlefield with Dash. Whether you’re extending your jump or jetting out of the way of fire, Dash gives you the short burst to get where you need to be.
• Slam: Rain destruction from above with Slam, a devastating ground-pound AOE. The power of Slam grows the higher you are when you launch. Grab some air with a double jump and smash your enemies into a chunky red paste.
• Shatter: When you absolutely need to get people out of your face, feed them Shatter, a lethal kinetic blast that forces enemies away and sometimes makes their heads explode outright.
• Vortex: Aim and toss Vortex near a crowd of enemies to yank them into a black hole and whisk them up into the air so you can pick them off. Or rocket them. Or explode them. Or …
• Barrier: Toss out your own portable shield with Barrier. The barrier will block incoming fire and instantly kills pretty much anything that comes into contact with it.
• Overdrive: Want to unleash some absolutely ridiculous mayhem? Overdrive is your BFF. With Overdrive, you can push your weapons beyond their physical limits and grant them unique new attributes. Chain your ability attacks to take down enemies faster to fill your Overdrive meter.


The best part about Abilities is by combining them together for awesome, unique combat moments. Here are some ideas!
• “Duck Hunt” — Vortex + Smart Rocket

• “Sick Burn” — Shatter + Firestorm Rocket

• “Get Over Here” — Focus + Grav-Dart

• “Special Delivery” — Ejector Seat + Slam

Now go make your own combos, you Wasteland Jackson Pollack!

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