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Rage 2 – A Ranger’s Guide to the Post-Post Apocalypse – Part 3 – Arks, Vehicles and Tips

by Matthew Wrightson
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In RAGE 2, Arks are where you unlock and collect Nanotrite Abilities and some weapons, like the Smart Rocket, Shotgun, and more. It’s important that you spend time exploring the Wasteland finding all the Arks – more than a dozen of them! — to become powerful enough for some of the big fights later in the game. Some Arks will be part of quests. Some you will find just by driving around. Or, you can visit some special folks at various trade towns who will have information on the location of Arks.


• Speaking of Raiders of the Lost Ark: In RAGE 2, YOU are the “Top Men” (or Women) working on the Arks. It’s up to you to harness their power and save the world from Hitl… uh… General Cross. Crap, I hope I didn’t spoil the ‘subtle’ symbolism of RAGE 2’s bad guys there!

o PR SAYS: With our Arks, you can’t level mountains, but you can level mutants! “Haha”

o Did you know that René Belloq had a son who vowed to avenge his lost father? He spent 19 years tracking Indiana and Marion and only relented when he learned they were getting married and felt bad. WEIRD.

VEHICLES — IF YOU SEE IT (and it still has wheels) YOU CAN DRIVE IT

From faction vehicles and tanks to ice-cream trucks and souped-up racers, Walker is spoiled for choice when it comes to rides. Each vehicle is Wasteland-ready and fully rigged to wreck shop. If you can see it (and it still has wheels – some vehicles are broken down), you can drive it. And if you can drive it, you can kick ass with it. Some vehicles you will find; some will come from quests.

Using the game’s garage system, vehicles you hijack in the world and return to a city are available for you to call in later, anywhere in the world. Here are some of the vehicles you will come across:

Phoenix: An all-purpose death machine, the Phoenix is a fully upgradeable all-terrain vehicle that’s always at your beck and call. Complete with powerful weaponry like the Hellfire Missiles and Pulse (the Phoenix’s very own Shatter-like ability), the Phoenix is a Ranger’s most reliable ride.

RAPTOR: On a steel (and feltrite) horse you ride with the RAPTOR, one of the three main vehicles in Walker’s garage. Sure, you’re a little more exposed to the elements and incoming enemy fire, but damn do you look cool.

Icarus: Take your travel to the skies with the Gyrocopter. This flying vehicle will transport you to all those hard-to-reach spots, and it’ll give you an advantage on the battlefield.

Monster Truck: Who among us hasn’t dreamt of rolling over traffic in a loud, angry monster truck? In RAGE 2, other vehicles, people, and obstacles will have no choice but to get wrecked when you’re behind the wheel of one of the game’s M-M-M-Monster trucks.

Racecars: RAGE 2 has a wide variety of racecars, all designed for mind-boggling speed. Sure, you can steal them, but you can also win them at the Torn Plains Racetrack. Ooh! There are “Open World Side Activities!!”


We asked our friends who made the game to pass along their favorite tips and tricks for playing RAGE 2. Here are the best of the best.

General Tips

• Get to the ARKs first — don’t rush through the game — and find them all. It is SO important to get all the weapons and upgrades!

• Look for storage crates and meteors to collect Feltrite. Spend Feltrite to upgrade your weapons and abilities.

• Sell your junk! Retailers in Wellspring, Gunbarrel, Oasis, and Dreadwood can all buy your junk in exchange for cash.

• Buy Wingstick and Health Infusion schematics! The first level lets you craft your own (which becomes very useful on later missions), subsequent ones upgrade their usefulness.

• Data Pads give you project points! Not a ton for a single one, but they’re all over the place, and this is an easy way to farm Kvasir points.

• The Sidewinder Pistol isn’t just the “starting weapon.” It’s actually quite powerful. It does a burst fire at a distance, but when used with iron sights it’s very effective for headshots.

• Use Dash often! It’s a great way to avoid fire from difficult enemies (like Authority Sentries, Cyber Crushers and the Shrouded). Plus, when combined with the Grav-Jump, you can get to hard-to-reach places.

Driving Tips

• Hand brake! Learn how to use it. Go fast, power slide into the turn hit the Boost when you’re facing where you want to go, and off you go!

• Vehicle combat – learn how to use the ram function. Sending motorcycles flying off cliffs is FUN.

• Vehicle combat – don’t try and fight a convoy before you upgrade your Phoenix. You will get REKT.

Tips on Upgrades

• Any project points earned can be used for any project trees. o Spend those project points!

• The bullet bag upgrades are super useful, as are the upgrades to help you find data pads and chests.

• Once you have the project upgrade for it, returning vehicles to cities is the best way to get auto parts to upgrade the Phoenix. This is also how you add the vehicles you commandeer (*cough*steal*cough*) to your own personal stable of rides.

• Buy schematics to upgrade your throwable items.

• Upgrade the recharge time of your Nanotrite abilities first. The faster you can use your abilities in combat the more effective you will be.

• As far as weapons go, you may want to consider upgrading the Shotgun first. Doing more damage against armor is a must, as is the increase in effective distance.

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