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Sea of Thieves Massive milestone

by Matthew Wrightson
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Sea of Thieves Passes 10 Million Players Since Launch

It’s mind-blowing to think of that many people setting sail on the Sea of Thieves, and it’s all been made possible by the support and passion of our fantastic community. 

For everyone at Rare, the Sea of Thievescommunity represents the very best of what gaming can be. It’s home to players from more than eighty different countries, bringing together gamers on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC and creating countless stories and moments that people can treasure. Seeing these stories shared through social media or other community spaces is something that inspires the team every day. To every person who’s played Sea of Thieves, thank you.

The community will be at the centre of our January update – Legends of the Seas – available to all players for free from Wednesday January 15. Not only will this update celebrate our community and its stories, it will allow players to claim two limited-edition gifts to mark our 10 million player milestone. Just play the game between January 15 and 22 (4pm GMT) to claim a set of custom sails for your ship and a new emote! Please note that while this will confirm your eligibility for the gifts, they will be delivered at a later date in February’s content update.

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