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9 tips to make you an Apex Legend

by Matthew Wrightson
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So you want to be a legend. follow the below tips and you will be on the path to greatness.

1. Always stay with the Jumpmaster

This is a team game, so stay with your team. Going solo means death and if you drop short you will be having to work across miles of hostile territory to reach each other because one person decided to drop on the other side of the map. Unless your Jumpmaster is seemingly away from there machine, and taking you to the worst place possible, you really should stick together for the majority of your drop. It means you can take on those early game fights and have a better chance of surviving.

2. Enemy death crates show what level loot is inside

When you kill an enemy they will drop and lovely looking loot box, however these are colour coded to show if it is worth the risk of checking out the loot, basically unless this is Gold or purple then avoid unless ammo is a real need. Gold is the rarest items in the game, so look out for these.

3. The colour of damage numbers show what level armour foes have

When you shoot an enemy, in true video game style, numbers will pop out of them to show how much damage you did. But what you might not realise is that those numbers can also tell you what strength armour they have. If the numbers are just plain white, that means they have level one armour. Blue numbers indicate they have level two armour, and purple numbers indicate level three armour. Then, if the numbers are red, that means they have no armour at all. If it’s yellow, that means you hit a headshot, but it gives you no info on what armour they have.

4. Don’t quit the game just because you died

If you’re playing Apex Legends with a group of randoms, it’s pretty tempting to just quit as soon as you die, but don’t firstly cause they can pick up your banner and give you that important respawn, 2nd if you wait the team could get you that all important win. People who quit early are going to disadvantage the other team mates.

5. The red balloons with ropes hanging down allow you to move around quickly

You see these dotted around the map, these can be climbed to give you and easier path the the circle by flying, saves running, also a good option to get you out of a sticky situation and to view if any enemy are close by. Just go up to the rope and hit square to climb

6. You can land directly on the supply ship

This is a high risk move with the rewards to match, landing on the drop ship is a good move to set you up for a good game, however lots of players will also take to move, so be prepared to fight from the get go, due to the close quarters combat hope for a wingman or shotgun.

7. Listen and be observant

In all battle royal games the key is to listen and observe the surroundings, everything makes a noise, foot steps are the key, listen for movement from in side builds, may be a gun change out sound. but if you miss it you are dead. Also communicate with your team mates no going off alone as the risk increase.

8. A change can be better than a charge

With the circle closing and the stakes getting higher, the chances are you are in a fire fight your armour depleted, if a box is available and glowing and a better colour then what you have it is worth checking and taking the armour this will be fully changed and save you waiting the 6 seconds to re charge a bar of your own armour.

9. This is when you should use your fists

If an opponent is knocked the simplest way to defeat them can be to use your fists. While the cover of the shield protects against bullets, it is not able to ensure that a player can take a hail of basic blows. Even the strongest of the shields will not allow you to survive four accurate punches.

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