Super Buckyball Tournament

 Super Buckyball Tournament, Pathea Games, the developer of My Time At Portia has just released the steam page for Super Buckyball Tournament and aim to hit Early Access in late 2019.

SBT is set to release in late 2019, view the Steam page here:

The game will be out on Steam first and hit PC, PS4, XBOX and Nintendo Switch upon official releases.


As preparing for Early Access, SBT is planned to launch the first alpha test in July, players could join SBT discord server and try out the game in the early alpha build.

Pathea Games has released the SBT official trailer during E3 2019.

About :


SBT is a physics-based multiplayer sports game. The game took place in a dystopian world where players get to pick one of several characters while making good use of their abilities and in-game items in 3v3 online matchups.

SBT website:

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