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Tacticool Champs

by Matthew Wrightson
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Tacticool Champs is a multiplayer twin-stick shooter party game for up to 4 players, either online or couch. You control one of a varied lineup of 10 characters on a square blocky arena, pick up a weapon and use it to show your adversaries where their place is.

The environment is destructible which as game progresses makes for some amazing and hilarious moments and the inclusion of exploding and incinerating barrels, jump-pads, teleports and grappling hooks only adds to the mayhem. 

Tacticool Champs

The diverse arsenal of 18 weapons will ensure everybody will find something to satiate their bloodlust. Aside from the staples of any weaponry based game like pistols, shotguns, SMGs or sniper rifles you may find some bizarre methods of destruction in the form of gravity guns and grenades, explosive remote-controlled cars, turrets, etc. 

The game features an online mode, a couch multiplayer and bot matches. There are 10 distinct arenas available with 60 different block layouts which you can modify in the in-game editor.

Tacticool Champs

The game features:
– 10 Characters with 6 different skin options
– 18 crazy weapons
– 10 arenas with 60 different block layouts
– An in-game arena editor
– Online and couch multiplayer
– Bot matches
– Global leaderboards
– 41 achievements to collect

The game is coming out to PS4 and XBOX One in Q2 2020 and to Nintendo Switch in Q4 2020.

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