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The Divison 2 – Less than a day away

by Matthew Wrightson
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With less than 12 hours until the Agents are released back into the good fight. we thought it was best to cover what we know and what we are going to cover over the next few days.

Launch day

Sneak peak at the first 20 minutes of the game, so show the excellent game play along with how levelling up is going to work.

Live twitch feed. click here

Day after launch

Full review – covering guns, load outs, skills.

Guides to levelling up.

End of the Week

The DZ, – guide and best loot spots.

What we know so far

A new class-based system arrives in The Division 2 known as “Specializations,” directly tied to high-level gameplay. The three-class system craves unique player roles beyond Level 30, providing further depth, seemingly providing further depth for end-game systems. Each class has accompanying skills and “signature” weapons, forging new gameplay around the classes


The Dark Zone, the city’s free-for-all hub, returns more brutal than ever. With menacing foes, player-versus-player (PvP) combat, and top-tier loot up for grabs, it’s the game’s centralized spot for high-stakes warfare. This time the Dark Zone encompasses three locales, split into East, South, and West. Zones have a story and biome, with gameplay variations attributed to each.

The areas now have a reduced capacity of 12 players, offsetting a heightened AI faction threat. However, the PvP combat that remains will be refined, normalizing gear for more enjoyable encounters. This aims to foster a competitive playfield based on gunplay skill, rather than countless hours of grinding.

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