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The Living World in The Division 2

by Matthew Wrightson
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With the Division 2 out tomorrow on early access, the new Living world system has been developed as Ubisoft explain

“Our goal for the sequel was to create experiences for you as the player that would not only surprise you but also keep you coming back for more.

To achieve this, we developed our “Living World Simulation”—a series of rules that allow all activities and encounters in the open world to spawn systematically”.

Division 2

The World

D2 is based 7 months after the events in New York and is based in Washington D.C., the survivors in D.C. banded together into factions.

These factions collected resources and building settlements—all in an effort to defend their keep against opposing factions.

Friend or foe. As expected this resulted in fighting and wars to breakout between factions.

Control Points

Control points are the strategic points in the game, controlled by the factions either friendly or foes, for stockpiling resources.

With Control Points dotted around the map, plenty activity is generated for you as the player. you may find yourself training recruits or gathering supply drops near Control Points if this is a friendly point.

If the point is foe, you will be tasked with rescuing hostages or removing enemy threats from the area.

During the story campaign, Division Agents will earn the trust of the settlement leaders and be given command of settlement assault teams. Agents may approach hostile Control Points and fire a flare to call on their settlement allies.

If the Agent is successful in defeating the Control Point’s guards and holding against any incoming counter attack, the settlement forces will take over ownership of the Control Point.

The points are dotted around the map

Bounties & Projects

HVT are back, however these have been improved, and are now Bounties. This time around, bounties are also procedurally generated.

When choosing a specific bounty, the faction ringleaders associated with that bounty select a location fitting to the abilities of the squad that accompanies them.

These bosses have been busy building their own agenda. As bounties increase in difficulty, the leaders will be accompanied by larger and more well-equipped squads even additional bosses to cause you issues.

Projects emphasizes the dynamic nature of the open world. Earned early on in the leveling experience, Projects are calls by Settlement Leaders and the Division Coordinator as you run around the map.

These Range from completing missions to playing with other, and you will be rewarded for it. Completing Projects rewards blueprints, mods, crafting materials, experience, and bounties!

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