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Top 5 Modern Warfare Finishing moves in Call of Duty, So you have been struggling to execute the foes in-game and humiliate the enemy, below is the Top 5 tips for Xbox, Playstation 4 and PC.

Perfecting the Finish: Top Five Tips

1. The Default is Yours: If you’re attempting a Finishing Move and nothing’s happening, it’s either because you’re not close enough, or not behind the enemy. It also could be because you chose a default Operator who doesn’t have Finishing Moves. Only the named Operators have Finishing Moves.

2. Ghost of a Chance: Running the Ghost perk can help you get behind enemy lines, as it shrouds you from UAVs, Radar Drones, Heartbeat Sensors, and Snapshot Grenades. In other words, being undetectable from enemy intel could help you sneak around an enemy to perform a Finishing Move.

3. Track Star: Another perk to consider is Tracker; it allows you to see the footprint trails of enemies, which is essentially a breadcrumb path to a potential Finishing Move. Following those highlighted footprints – while also keeping aware of your surroundings – can be key to sneaking up and finding a soon-to-be-sorry opponent.

4. Dead Silence is Golden: If you’re planning to tackle foes with Finishing Moves, Dead Silence is an excellent Field Upgrade to pick. It quiets your footsteps, allowing you to skulk around the field and help you remain undetected.

5. Snapshot Success: Although there are several Tactical Grenades that can help with executing Finishing Moves – the Heartbeat Sensor can find enemies, the Stun Grenade can slow their movement – the Snapshot Grenade takes the cake as our recommended pick for a Finishing Move loadout. It reveals enemy locations via infrared profile highlights, allowing you to not only see where enemies are, but also the direction they are facing.

Finishing Move

Use these tips and practice sneaking behind enemies, and you may just be able to deal that humiliating fatal blow in your next grudge match.

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