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Top Tips for Call of Duty Warzone

by Matthew Wrightson
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Here is our guide to the Top Tips for Call of Duty Warzone, if you are new to the game or a veteran of the Call of Duty series we have the tips for Warzone.

What is Call of Duty Warzone

You and your squad start on the infill plane ready to jump out over Verdansk. After the plane crosses a section of the area as marked by your Tac Map, the rear loading ramp drops down, allowing your squad to drop out and parachute down to safety.

At the beginning of a Battle Royale match, the Tac Map shows the first safe area; while you could land anywhere in Verdansk, the circle collapse will shrink the playable area over time, causing those outside of it to eventually succumb to the gas.

Once you hit the ground, your squad’s objective is to survive longer than everyone else in the lobby. Looting items, killing enemies, and completing Contracts all help you outlast the competition, as they will boost your loadout and give you in-match Cash. Cash buys Rewards, Loadouts and even your team back.

Top Tips

1, Shoot people while you’re all still in the air from the plane ride. Open your parachute and then close it again, and you’ll draw your weapon, allowing you to shoot at other enemies both in the air and down below whilst you plummet towards the ground. Don’t forget to redeploy your parachute.

2, Use the taller building to get from A to B, your parachute can be deployed over and over again and this is a good way to move around the map, but watch out for those enemies.

3, Spend the Cash wisely, due to the scavenge at the start of the game for good guns, I would advise getting a loadout crate is $6000 as soon as you can, nothing beats a good loadout. also worth picking up a killstreak if you can. However, if money is tight the loadout drops will spawn in the map on occasion but beware these will be targeted by other teams.

4, Find the best drop spots but these are popular so you might want to avoid some We covered this on our drop guide

5, Watch the Gas, this will chunk your life away, unlike other games where you can survive for a long time on the gas (PUBG and Fortnite) Warzone is not forgiving so watch the timers and get moving to the circle early.

6, When you see enemies, be aggressive. Warzone is about aggression, and a hail of incoming fire can be enough to spook enemies into leaving cover, panicking, or otherwise losing out. It’s easier to rush enemies than to hold a position in most cases,

7, Campers, campers everywhere, watch out for snipers on a tall building, these people are the worse and without hesitation will pop you from afar.

8, Each player can revive once, via the Gulag, when you die, you go into a 1v1 scenario and the winner gets to drop back into the action near their squad. You can only go once. Get some Practice in 2v2 in the main game it’s worth it.

Gulag Win

9, Riding the edge of the circle is a high-risk, high-reward strategy. It’s risky because the circle moves fast in the later game and the gas is lethal, but keeping your back to the circle means you’re guaranteed no one else can flank you from behind.

10, Get a Thermal Scope on your Sniper, Players tend to blend into the landscape so the advantage is needed.

Well, that’s about it however I am sure there is more to add and the War goes on.

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