Warframe Empyrean​ Update

Warframe Empyrean​ Update Available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox, coming soon to Switch! Take the helm and set course for Warframe next leap forward: Empyrean.

Cooperation is vital to surviving aboard the Railjack. Man the turrets, pilot the ship, fight the fires — everyone has a role to play here. In this foundational update for Warframe’s space combat, work together to assault the Grineer above Earth, Saturn and at the edges of the Origin System. More factions and locations will come online in future updates.

Warframe Empyrean​ Trailer

Warframe Empyrean​ Update, Well, they DE’id it again.

I’ve been an on and off Warframe player basically since launch, with a big hiatus, in the beginning, have I felt like the game was not polished enough for release.

But at this point, I’ve put a few hundred hours together with my friends, and these last updates have renewed my will to play the game.

The new “Old Blood” Lich System, allows you to look for even more versions of already very well known and loved weapons, with modifications slight enough to entice the most patient of min-maxers.


And the Empyrean update, oh boy, did they hit the nail on the head with this one.

Was it the missing link to turn Warframe into a complete offering? With space battles joining the mix of available activities for the tenno to do together or alone.

Is it a grind? Yes, but do you get what EA wishes they could ever give you (that fleeting sense of pride and accomplishment)?

The answer to that question is YES!

You can now literally hop on a spaceship and fly it across vast stretches of space, jumping in and out of it to board enemy ships and while this is all happening you have to make sure your own doesn’t blow up or get boarded.

We know, Warframe, for newer players can be a daunting experience due to its sheer scale and amount of stuff to do. 

But if you can get yourself into a friendly, helping community, we can practically guarantee you’re in for a few dozen hours of fun (this is very, VERY conservative).

We haven’t put out a review of Warframe as it sits, but I’ll start as short series of under the gun reviews, where I’ll try to give you my gamers impression of what’s up with this or that in the games we try.

Warframe, in its current state, is a solid 8.

This one gets the seal of approval and recommendation. If you’re looking for a game to play, are into progression-based systems, and don’t want to invest much or any money at all… Look no further, you’ve found your match.


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