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THE NEW WAR HAS BEGUN! REPEL THE SENTIENT INVASION IN WARFRAME OPERATION SCARLET SPEAR, AVAILABLE NOW, Warframe’s Second Update of 2020 Rallies Tenno to Strategize in the New Operation Room and Counter Attack Sentient Forces Using Operation Link in the Opening Salvo of The New War

Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes’ second Warframe® update of 2020, Operation Scarlet Spear, available now on PC, will send players straight into the frontline battles in a war where the stakes have never been higher. Scrambling to counter the Sentients’ first offensive wave of the New War, players will form plans in the new Operation Room before launching expanded cooperative land and space battles. Only with Operation Link (formerly ‘Squad Link’) will Tenno stand a chance to stave off Sentient incursions in this time-limited event. Operation Scarlet Spear is a 4-week event, starting today until April 21.

This update also brings a slew of exciting items and upgrades to please avid Warframe players: Nova’s second Deluxe Collection and a powerful new weapon class to earn are among a number of additions. Players will discover the origins of the anti-matter-wielding Nova in a new Leverian exhibit and obtain her second Deluxe Collection, including variants of her Armor, Syandana and skins of signature weapons. Learn more details here: warframe.com

Repelling Sentient Attacks in the Veil Proxima

Operation Scarlet Spear’s new cinematic delves into uncharted narrative territory with the Sentient threat deploying forces across the Origin System. Following the cinematic cliff-hangar from 2019’s Empyrean, the first wave of Sentient scouts have breached the Veil Proxima using Ramsled ships to disrupt Tenno momentum. Honing in on Railjack ships, the invaders send forth boarding parties, including Anu Mantalysts and Anu Interference Drones, to disrupt and disable systems, from Side Turrets to Battle Avionics to Speed Boosting, testing Tenno resilience.


It’s up to the Tenno to rally together and repel these early attacks. Players can now formulate plans in a new 40-person Relay (the new Operation Room) and then embark on four-player missions (“Operations”) utilizing cooperative ground and Railjack attacks (the new Operation Link feature) to achieve combined community goals. Each successful Operation builds progress that adds to the overall community goal, driving back enemy forces before the invasion engulfs the entire Origin System. Check Warframe.com for finer details.

Warframe Operation Scarlet Spear will ship on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Nintendo™ Switch soon.

Would you like to join the Warframe community? Head to our forums to start a conversation. Check our official website at www.warframe.com.

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