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by Matthew Wrightson
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No platforms, no publishers, no sponsors. The first-ever Wholesome Direct premieres on May 26 at 1 PM ET (6 PM GMT). Tune in for exclusive announcements and new footage from more than 50 wholesome games, including hotly anticipated releases like Ooblets and Spiritfarer, plus never-before-seen titles that will be unveiled for the first time.

The Wholesome Games community started on Twitter when indie game developer and cute game aficionado Matthew Taylor started curating games according to their feelings of comfort, compassion, and cosiness. Within a year the community grew to more than 35,000 members on Twitter and Discord.
One of the goals of Wholesome Games is to shift the conversation about what games get taken seriously. For many years, the most critically lauded games have been the ones with the darkest themes and grimmest representations of life. There’s a whole world of games that aren’t so bleak and have just as much emotional complexity as a gritty western or a post-apocalyptic award winner. Wholesome Direct is an invitation to that world.
Wholesome games feature little violence, low stress, low stakes, positive themes, positive representation of marginalized groups, and cute aesthetics. Wholesome Direct is an opportunity to talk to viewers about the potential of games to heal and bring people together, and to showcase the wonderful diversity of games that best exemplify these values.

  • A first-of-its-kind community game showcase premiering on YouTube at 1 PM ET (6 PM GMT) on May 26, 2020
  • 30+ minutes of exclusive new footage and announcements from more than 50 wholesome indie games like Ooblets, Spiritfarer, Chicory, and more
  • No ads, no sponsors. Every game was hand-selected by the minds behind Wholesome Games

Visit https://www.wholesomegames.com/

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