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112 Operator is now available

by Matthew Wrightson
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112 Operator is now available on Steam! Put on your headphones, log in to your computer, and get ready for your first emergency call.

A heart attack? Car crash? A kitty stuck on a tree or just a drunk prankster? You never know what will happen when you pick up that phone call and ask: “What’s your emergency?”

However, there’s way more depth to 112 Operator than “just” helping those in need. Bringing help also means managing emergency units, people, and funds while making difficult decisions on where to act immediately, what can wait, and what can be ignored. And dealing with e-mails and your boss’s expectations somewhere in between. Emergency line operator work is far from what anyone could call “boring.”


112 Operator is a real-time strategy game where players manage emergency units and receive calls from people in different situations, usually requiring urgent intervention. Take on the role of an emergency line operator, and remember to react accordingly, as you will be dealing with both people in need and pranksters. Not every case will require an ambulance, and sometimes a simple instruction can save someone’s life. Deal with problems caused by humans, as well as those resulting from the weather, traffic situation, or current season. Help the city survive cataclysms and natural disasters. Overall – save as many lives as possible.

Increased danger level

Help others on a scale 25 times larger than in 911 Operator, and work on completely different layers. Keep order in a single neighborhood or coordinate several operators in the world’s major metropolises. Use 3D visualizations and choose from more than 100,000 areas, such as districts or municipalities, and tens of thousands of real cities around the world.

To all units: a storm is coming…

Face the dynamically changing weather generated from authentic historical data. Watch the incidents change as traffic increases, from day to night, and as seasons pass. Watch out for extreme conditions that can lead to catastrophes and natural disasters. Put out big fires, catch criminals associated with terrorist attacks, or gangs involved in conflict.

112, what’s your emergency?

Take calls from people in various situations and needing emergency services’ help. You never know who is on the other end of the line. You might hear a frightening murder story, have to instruct someone on how to perform CPR, or mind your temper while dealing with an annoying prankster. Answer over 60 new calls, each with voice-overs.

It’s my job, ma’am…

Choose a European city in the entirely new Career mode and find out if you have what it takes to climb to the very top of the operator’s career ladder. Follow the commands of your supervisors and see your actions affect people who need your help. Sometimes your mistakes will only result in an e-mail reprimand, but sometimes you’ll be left with a mark on your life and career. Play the campaign in one of the available real-world cities or play by your own rules in Free Game mode.

We need backup!

Command the best specialists using technologically advanced equipment and vehicles. Decide what to use – a SWAT team, Search and Rescue helicopter, or maybe riot gear? Buy new units and supply them with dogs or robots to disarm bombs. For lighter tasks, you can also travel by bike or police horse.

Nail your work down and get promoted

Once promoted, manage other emergency operators and handle the biggest catastrophes. That includes natural catastrophes, like tornados, and those caused by humans, like highway collisions, where a large number of cars, victims, and rescue units are involved.

More information about the game can be found on the game’s Steam page,

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