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Brimstone Brawlers is out now

by Matthew Wrightson
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It’s Brawl time! Brimstone Brawlers is out now on Steam. Brimstone Brawlers, the fantasy multiplayer battle arena brawler, by developer Ategig is available now via Steam Early Access. Check out the store page here.

Brimstone Brawlers is a multiplayer PvP arena game with peculiar Brawlers set in a Lovecraft inspired industrial Victorian city.    

The cast of Brawlers include a soul-chasing Wraith, an unhinged Butcher searching for meat, a deranged Plague Doctor who thinks he is an actual bird, and an innocent looking female Traveller that carries a suitcase with a Lovecraft-esque monster inside (or perhaps that is the Traveller?).

Brawls occur in a variety of dangerous hazard-filled arenas ranging from a station with running trains (protip: try not to get hit by them) to decrepit building rooftops where you can knock opponents off to their demise. Players will have to avoid these hazards while outplaying their opponents in order to emerge victorious. 

Key Features

  • 12 peculiar brawlers with a variety of abilities and playstyles
  • 8 tight battle arenas with hazards including deep pits and runaway trains
  • Different Player Vs Player Modes in Free For All and Team variants
  • Bonus Bamball Mode – Brimstone’s violent take on football
  • Local play with up to four players or eight players online
  • Industrial Victorian soundtrack by Andy Gillion

“Brimstone Brawlers has been in development for over two years, and it is very exciting to finally share the game with the world. During the Alpha Testing phase the game has really resonated well with our community. We have had many players comparing Brimstone Brawlers to a chaotic couch version of Battlerite or even the GameCube gem Powerstone but with online features. So it really feels like Brimstone Brawlers is filling a void in the player vs player arena genre. We believe people will enjoy playing the game now and will be excited for all the upcoming features and additional content added during Early Access.”

– Christopher ‘Ategig’ Galea
Lead Developer for Brimstone Brawlers

Check out the Steam store page here.

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