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Darksburg to launch into Early Access

by Matthew Wrightson
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Darksburg to launch into Early Access on the 12th of FebruaryShiro Games will release fast-paced coop top-down action game on Steam Early Access after concluding the successful closed beta campaign

Darksburg, the new fast-paced cooperative top-down action title from Shiro Games, is set to release on Steam Early Access on the 12th of February. The renowned French indie studio is launching its game after a very successful closed beta period which saw thousands of players fight their way through hordes of zombies that have taken over the medieval town of Darksburg.

In Darksburg, up to four players team up to rid the titular medieval town of the ravenous zombies that have overrun it. To survive the undead horde, various colourful characters with special powers and unlockable abilities are at the player’s disposal, including Varag, escaped wolfman and humankind’s (part-time) best friend, or the viciously compassionate Sister Abigail. Quick reflexes and expert use of the survivors’ distinctive attacks and skills are needed to complete each atmospheric, objective-based map. 

Offering the best of challenging, fast-paced cooperative team play, players in Darksburg also face off against the devious Revenants, powerful zombie characters matching the Survivors in their destructive attacks. Either controlled by the AI or other humans in Versus mode, the Revenants will try their darndest to ambush our heroic band of misfits and thwart them in their quest for safety. Threading their way through the once picturesque Darksburg, the Survivors have to overcome various obstacles, manage a limited supply of resources, make expert use of their attacks and skills, and defeat monstrous bosses that stand in the player’s way. 

The Early Access launch of Darksburg contains:

  • Four playable hot-blooded Survivors and four playable zombie Revenants. 
  • Five maps covering all the blood-soaked parts of the once peaceful, medieval town of Darksburg divided across three distinct environments: the ruined Harbour, the Marketplace, and the Faubourg district.
  • All the game modes, including the coop against AI, as well as the PvP mode which sees Revenants stopping the Survivors escaping town and the infamous Last Stand mode. 
  • A wide range of abilities, combos, and perks are available to each character, allowing players to focus on DPS or build the ultimate tank 

Players can wishlist Darksburg on Steam

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