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by Matthew Wrightson
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Drug Dealer Simulator hits the streets today. Became the underworld drug lord. The road to the top is winding and dangerous. See if you can beat it and seal with its consequences.

Drug Dealer Simulator is a game where you have to fight against the invisible hand of the market, as well as clearly visible hand, or rather a fist, of the competition. Politics, unreliable suppliers of goods, as well as complaining about the cost of your goods customers. Well, nobody said that the drug dealing is a piece of cake, right?

You must deal with suppliers of goods, learn to prepare and set portions, manage growing production and distribution, customer relations, as well as a cartel and gangs. Forge alliances, and be careful of police watching you. It’s up to you whether to become an honorary “entrepreneur” enjoying the maximum benefits of clever operation on the black market, or an ordinary thug who unscrupulously uses everything and everyone on their way to the drug summit.

Key features:
? A controversial topic presented with attention to detail and humorous elements
? A narration of the main game mode, unheard of in simulators
? Over a dozen unique mechanics that make a realistic simulation of the life of a drug dealer
? A strong strategic, economic thread and moral dilemmas
? Climate-building sound and music track

Drug Dealer Simulator debuts on Steam today at the price of USD 20, however, there is an extra initial discount for everyone. And if you already have in your library at least one of following games: Thief Simulator, 911 Operator, Car Mechanic Simulator 2018, House Flipper, Cooking Simulator, Tank Mechanic Simulator, UBOAT, The Beast Inside, Lust for Darkness or Plane Mechanic Simulator, you’ll get an additional extra 15% discount over the next few days.

By adhering to unwritten industry rules, the first fix is always free, so you can now download a Free Sample, the extended demo version (“very positive” Steam score, based on 1300 user reviews), for free. Adding the game to your wishlist also costs nothing, and it will allow us to expand our potential distribution grid. That’s what matters most in this business, right? Let us know if you would like to roll the dice at this difficult trade – we got review keys to share.

Drug Dealer Simulator on Steam

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