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G-SYNC Innovations, Gaming Monitors

by Matthew Wrightson
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New G-SYNC Innovations, Gaming Monitors and Big Format Gaming Displays At CES 2020, NVIDIA G-SYNC pioneered variable refresh rate gaming and remains the leader in developing ever-better technology that gives gaming monitors faster refresh rates, better colour accuracy, superior contrast, display overclocking, and the ability to run with VRR enabled at all framerates and refresh rates.

At CES 2020, 28 new displays have been announced and are on show. Leading the charge are Nvidia’s new 360Hz and Mini-LED gaming monitors, which feature new display innovations that can’t be found anywhere else.

With Nvidia’s 360Hz technology, G-SYNC gaming monitors leap from 240Hz to a new, much higher refresh rate, which reduces latency and makes images crystal clear. For esports players and competitive gamers, this makes all the difference, enabling them to acquire targets faster and easier, and reduce the time it takes for their clicks to have an effect in-game.

Mini-LED, meanwhile, brings major improvements for 4K HDR G-SYNC ULTIMATE gaming. Primarily, the technology’s smaller, more efficient LEDs allow us to ramp up the number of controllable LED local dimming zones to 1152, from 384 on previous-gen 4K G-SYNC ULTIMATE gaming monitors. This greatly increases colour accuracy, brightness, contrast and general image quality, in ways that were previously impossible with prior LED tech.

GeForce At CES 2020:

In November, LG became the first TV manufacturer to add G-SYNC Compatible support for their big-screen TVs, enabling GeForce gamers to enjoy stunning visuals and smooth variable refresh rate gaming on LG’s best-in-class OLEDs. Now, LG has announced a new range of 2020 TVs, and all 12 have been validated as G-SYNC Compatible Big Format Gaming Displays (BFGDs), for the definitive big-screen living room experience, with stunning OLED picture quality, and smooth VRR gameplay.

And finally, we announced support for over a dozen new G-SYNC Compatible gaming monitors, in numerous shapes, sizes and resolutions, giving prospective buyers even more choice when searching for the perfect monitor.

G-SYNC At CES 2020

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