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Gamedev Beatdown out now

by Matthew Wrightson
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Gamedev Beatdown is out now on Steam and Humble StoreTake a sneak peek into the life of a game developer! Now’s your chance.

QYJO announces that Gamedev Beatdown is available on Steam in Early Access and on Humble Store for purchase.

GB is a different take on game development sims with narrative style decision making and turn-based combat for deciding whether your decisions get implemented in your game or not.
Unique Features – 

  • Crunch Management – Manage Employee Happiness and tactical Crunch times for maximized productivity. 
  • Procedural rogue-lite progression.
  • Exotic Locations – Move to different locations that unlock some unique games to develop.
  • Choices and Consequences – Fight over real, real-adjacent, and a few entirely fabricated day-to-day problems game developers face.
  • Evolving Mini-games – Play the games you release as mini-games. The games look better and unlock functionality when the player releases the game with higher stats.

GB on Steam
GB on Humble Store
Price: $12.99 
(+ Regional Pricing in Steam)

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