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by Matthew Wrightson
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The first update for Godhood adds new buildings, additional challenge and gameplay depth to Early Access of god game

The Dutch indie developer Abbey Games has today released Godhood’s first major update, called ‘Will of the People’, adding many new buildings, expanded options and gameplay mechanics, as well as increasing the overall challenge in the new god game. 

Since the Godhood Early Access release on Steam and GOG (Windows/Mac/Linux) on July 10th, Abbey Games has been actively listening to suggestions from the community. The changes in the first update are part of an ongoing design process, with the Dutch developer expecting to actively build on the player feedback of the Early Access version of Godhood ahead of a full launch in the future. 

The ‘Will of the People’ update introduces the following improvements including: 

  • New Enthusiasm mechanic, giving the player’s Worshippers more autonomy with them demanding their god’s attention more forcefully.  
  • New Prayer system, allowing the player to listen and react to their Disciples’ invocations. 
  • New buildings, including four new Commandment buildings such as the bathhouse for Chastity gods, a bordello for Lust, as well as power-boosting shrines and five additional holy buildings. A new building mechanic allows the player to choose what to construct. 
  • A rework of the Faith mechanic expanding the needs and wants of the player’s Disciples. 
  • A large number of balance changes to existing classes, buildings and enemy encounters.

Godhood allows players to create their personalised brand of religion, complete with religious beliefs in the form of Commandments, holy sites, turn-based ritual combat, hero Disciples, miracles, and much more.   

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