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by Matthew Wrightson
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Human: Fall Flat Golf – Get Ready to Tee Off – Second Human: Fall Flat Worldwide Workshop Competition Winner Announced Netting Creator $10,000

Flex your creative level building muscle in the 3rd Worldwide Workshop Competition which has a ‘Great Outdoors’ theme and starts today!

No Brakes Games, d3t and Curve Digital are excited to announce the winner of their latest Human: Fall Flat Worldwide Workshop Competition and kick off an all-new contest which seeks to challenge talented creators across the world!

Human: Fall Flat Golf

Human: Fall Flat has been brimming with user-generated content since developer No Brakes Games added Steam Workshop support to their light-hearted, hilarious platformer, allowing players to add new levels, character skins, and lobbies to the game, upload them and share them with the world. The level of creativity, ingenuity, and talent springing up from the game’s community never ceases to amaze and true to form entries for the last content didn’t disappoint.

After sifting through many high-quality entries from the community themed around the contest’s premise Sports Day theme, today No Brakes Games, d3t, and Curve Digital are delighted to declare ‘Golf’ by Simon Isacsson Andersen aka. ‘PrinceS’ as the winner of the latest Human: Fall Flat Worldwide Workshop competition. PrinceS will receive $10,000 USD as the creator of the level and Golf will be added to the main Human: Fall Flat campaign across PC and console versions of the game over the coming months.

Human: Fall Flat Golf

As you’d expect, PrinceS’ level sees players tackling a golf course, but this isn’t your average 18 holes. This absurdist creation features giant clubs that can launch players from one side of the level to the other, multiple traps and contraptions which require players to hit tiny balls into seemingly smaller holes at just the right moment. ‘Golf’ has been downloaded over 37,000 times since it was uploaded to Steam Workshop and all PC Human: Fall Flat players can access it today via https://steamcommunity.com/id/SSB_PrinceS/myworkshopfiles/?appid=477160

All those who like to flex their creative muscle won’t have long to wait until the next Human: Fall Flat Worldwide Workshop Competition as it begins today! The theme is ‘The Great Outdoors’ and creators have until 7th June to upload their creations to Steam Workshop and the creator of the best level, judged by No Brakes Games, d3t, and Curve Digital will receive $10,000 USD and their level to be added to all versions of the game.

For more information about Human: Fall Flat and to stay up to date with the game’s latest updates, check out the official Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/477160/Human_Fall_Flat/

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