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IRON CONFLICT Beta Announced for August 15th

by Matthew Wrightson
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IRON CONFLICT Beta Announced for August 15th – Angela Game has announced that its online competitive real-time strategy and tactics game Iron Conflict will be holding its closed beta on Steam starting on August 15th, 2020.

“We’re excited to finally be sharing Iron Conflict with players,” says Kaven Xu, Project Manager at Angela Game. “We’ve all put so much love and passion into this game, but it’s not complete without input and feedback from our community. We hope that players will help us make Iron Conflict into everything it can be.”

Register for the beta here.

Iron Conflict is a game in which players control three units at a time. They work together with their teammates to try to capture the enemy base, or eliminate all their units. Players earn XP through battles which they can use to upgrade the units they already have and unlock new ones. Battles take place on randomized maps, so no two matches are the same.

Key Features Available During the Beta:

  • Hundreds of real-life tanks and planes to choose from. Lob rockets at the enemy from afar with the MGM-134 ballistic missile launcher, level the battlefield with an explosive payload from the B-2 bomber, or get up close and personal in a tank-on-tank battle with the M1A1 – or do all three at the same time!
  • Join 3v3, 5v5, or 10v10 battles. As each player controls three units, 60 total units will take to the battlefield in 10v10 battles, resulting in explosive, high-stakes warfare!
  • Randomized maps mean each battle is different. Terrain and buildings can create obstacles that obstruct your line of fire – or give you cover to escape hairy situations.
  • Customize your units with a tech tree, modules, talents, and varied ammunition. Upgrade your movement speed to take the fight to the enemy, or level up your concealment and lay a deadly trap; equip your units to fit your playstyle or to complement your team’s strategy. The choice is yours!
  • Earn XP to unlock new upgrades and units. Evolve your formation from an outfit of WWII classics to a high-powered force of modern weapons of war!
  • Utilize different control schemes to fit the situation. Control your units like you’re playing a traditional RTS, or switch to a WASD control scheme to give you more direct control over your individual units.

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