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Medieval Archery Simulator

by Matthew Wrightson
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Let the great archery tournament settle everything! The first trailer of Medieval Archery Simulator from Image Power is out!

Grab your bows! It is time to unveil the best archer in the entire kingdom! In the newest game from Image Power players will compete in an archery tournament – you will need more than plain skills to win – knowledge and dexterity may turn out equally important.

Back to the roots

For many archers, tournaments used to be a favourite form of entertainment. They were also a way of revealing the best shooters. Medieval Archery Simulator, which has just been announced on PC, builds on this tradition, making sure that during the competition players will have plenty of activities.

Shooting a steady target will be the easiest part of the contest; other will require the ability to use your bow in motion, shooting a moving target or even hitting small bells in a rhythmic way. Besides collecting points in the tournament, you will also be able to build your reputation. Leave your opponents far behind and prove that nothing is impossible for you. This will be the only way to spread the word about your accomplishments and make sure people hear about them even before your arrows hit the targets.

Not only practice makes perfect

The tournament will take place in multiple locations. You can use the changing weather conditions to gain additional advantage. Wind can be a valuable ally, especially for distant targets. Fatigued muscles will hinder your precision, so you will need to learn to instantly release arrows. Trust your senses, if you want to make sure every quick shot hits the target; intuition and experience will be an invaluable support when aiming at moving objects.

However, Medieval Archery Simulator is not only about tournaments. It also involves training sessions between competitions, learning new archery techniques and adjusting your style to particular challenges. The better your score, the higher the prize. With earned money you can upgrade your equipment, but remember – better bow does not mean better skills. You will need to learn to match tools to your shooting technique. Only a perfect combination of practice and theory can make you the best archer. Outsmart your opponents and use their weaknesses against them – thanks to your skills, you will be able to leave them behind.

Key features of the game:

  • realistic bow shooting mechanic,
  • customizable equipment – bow and quiver
  • multiple, diverse playable characters, each with different strengths and weaknesses,
  • medieval tournaments,
  • realistic physics of the wind and arrows,
  • special skills for faster or more precise shooting,
  • traditional and unique competitions inspired by historical tournaments,
  • muscles fatigue mechanic,
  • picturesque surroundings,
  • unlimited entertainment for archery enthusiasts.

The release date of Medieval Archery Simulator will be announced soon.

The game is being published by Image Power and PlayWay.

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