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New Gameplay Trailer for Orion13

by Matthew Wrightson
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Metro VR Studios Releases New Gameplay Trailer for Orion13, Gamers can preview advanced combat, immersive challenges and interactive VR landscapes ahead of February release.

Metro VR Studios (MVRS), a Boston-based start-up and independent virtual reality (VR) video game development company, has released a new gameplay trailer showcasing the fast, frenzied and futuristic world of its upcoming title Orion13. The action-packed, hack-and-slash VR sword-fighting adventure comes to the Oculus and Steam stores on February 13, 2020.

The trailer offers an extended look at the intense combat and immersive challenges players will face as they embody Orion13—a newly self-aware combat robot desperately trying to escape a robot-ruled, dystopian society. Players will battle enemies, solve challenging puzzles, traverse catwalks, navigate deadly minefields and more on an epic journey to find their way home.

Watch the full trailer below for gameplay highlights, including:

  • Robot enemies that become tougher and faster
  • Full-body VR challenges
  • Interactive objects and complex puzzles
  • Power-ups, weapons, and combat abilities
  • Survival arena mode
  • A cinematic story with a diverse cast of friends and foes

Orion13 will be available for the Oculus headsets upon release, with plans to release on other VR platforms. People can add Orion13 to their Steam wishlists now.

For more information, visit: http://orion13vr.com.

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