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Nvidia GeForce NOW Open for All

by Matthew Wrightson
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Nvidia GeForce NOW Open for All, Nvidia has officially launched its GeForce Now cloud gaming platform out of beta, opening up cloud gaming support across PC,  Mac, Android, and TV (via Nvidia Shield) via existing PC game storefronts.

There are two options on membership, Free and paid

GeForce NOW memberships
GeForce NOW

The free membership provides one-hour sessions with standard access to GeForce NOW servers. There’s no limit to the number of sessions you can play. All GeForce NOW beta members automatically have had their beta accounts converted to this free plan. Simply sign in and continue gaming.

Gamers can also upgrade to a no-wait, longer session-length premium experience. These members will enjoy priority access to GeForce NOW servers ahead of free members and extended session lengths of up to six hours. They’ll also have exclusive access to RTX content on GeForce NOW.

For a limited time, Nvidia is offering the premium experience as a Founders membership. The first three months are free, followed by a discounted rate of $4.99 a month for all of 2020. This special offer is part of our commitment to working with the community that continues to help us improve GeForce NOW.

Both memberships will work across any supported device that you already own. No additional hardware needed.

Rather than offering its own library, GeForce Now allows users to add games from their existing libraries across multiple storefronts including Steam. At launch, it supports over 30 free-to-play games as well as 1,000 more titles available through single-session installs on Steam.

GeForce NOW games
GeForce NOW

To use GeForce Now you are going to need a strongish internet connection with a minimum speed of 15 Mbps but recommends 25 Mbps, and functions on Windows PCs, Mac, TVs with Nvidia Shield, and Android phones. Most of us should be good here, it will be interesting, coming off the back of Google’s attempt with Stadia which seems to be very quiet on the consumer front and all the issues they had.

Nvidia has always been a leader in the graphics department so going down this route is a logical step and one gamer’s will approve off, one simple place for all your games.

GeForce Now is Available here

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