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by Matthew Wrightson
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Bossa Probes Deeper into the Anatomy of Surgeon Simulator 2 with an All-New Gameplay Video

Bossa Studios shares an in-depth video consultation on Surgeon Simulator 2, the 100% medically-inaccurate operation sim that’s arriving this August. The new Gameplay Overview Trailer reveals a great deal more of the type of medical mischief and co-operative chaos players can expect from Surgeon Simulator 2 in a 5 minute voiceover-accompanied format. In addition, it includes an endoscopic peek at the Bossa Labs Creation Mode; an all-singing, all-dancing toolkit that arrives with the game.

Surgeon Simulator 2 is the vastly expanded sequel to the original bonafide operation sim, Surgeon Simulator, which was released in 2013 and became notorious for it’s frenzied gameplay and the stitch-bursting laughter that resulted. Surgery remains the lifeblood of this new experience, but this time around, instead of a floating hand confined to the operating table, players control a first-person Surgeon with an entire medical facility to explore. Surgeon Simulator 2 also introduces true co-operation to the franchise – up to 4 players can explore and operate together. But will your team become heroic healers… or barbaric butchers?

As well as a gameplay deepdive, the Gameplay Overview Trailer also teases a little more about the cutting-edge Bossa Labs Creation Mode; a set of easy-to-use and intuitive tools used by our beloved development team to make the game. In this mode, the power to create surgical shenanigans (and much, much more) is in the hands of our players. And absolutely anything and everything they make – be it an ancient burial chamber, a futuristic space station, or even their very own bowling alley – can be uploaded for other players around the world to then experience themselves.

Bossa Studios will be revealing more information about Surgeon Simulator 2 and the Bossa Labs Creation Mode soon. In the meantime, players who want all the latest news – fresh out of the chest cavity – can sign up for more information via the official homepage, www.surgeonsim.com

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