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Urban Gardener Simulator

by Matthew Wrightson
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Upcoming new Simulation game: Urban Gardener Simulator. You find yourself jobless in a big city. Looking outside your window you see a strip of land, between your apartment and the street. You wonder if you can grow food there. You take some equipment and step outside to start your new life as an Urban Gardener.

With more and more people discovering the power of homegrown crops, and the rise of the Urban Gardener, we are trying to make more people aware of the options they have at home. Homegrown crops are healthier, taste better and are better for the environment if you don’t use chemicals.

 Urban Gardener Simulator is a 3D Isometric Simulation indie game made by Gothsydian Development. 

 Grow crops in a rural environment, sell them in your little market stand, make money to get better seeds, upgrade your equipment and skills, or even rent more land!
 You start off with a small plot of land right outside your door, filled with garbage. While cleaning up the garbage, you stumble across 2 potted tomato plants. This gives you an idea, what if I planted more?

 You buy more pots, some cheap potting soil and mixed seeds. You want to sell the crops and with the profits tests the nutritional value of the land. You want to add manure to the land and grow more crops. Maybe even expand to your neighbours garden, if you can get her to rent it out to you. Maybe even to the empty piece of land across the street. Perfect for a small greenhouse!

 Urban Gardener Simulator is scheduled to release into Early Access somewhere in 2021. Keep an eye on the website

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