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Virtual Battlegrounds Arrives

by Matthew Wrightson
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Virtual Battlegrounds Arrives With No Compromise on Map Size for VR Battle Royale
Developed to Bring Native VR Experiences That Match the Scope and Scale of the Best non-VR BRs in the Genre

Airdropping Virtual Reality gamers into the largest Battle Royale world yet, where learning the ways of VR is the key to victory, be it climbing anything and everything, blind firing corners, dual-wielding weapons, mastering melee combat, evading harasser drones, sliding to cover, and ziplining across the map, is a huge undertaking for an indie studio’s second project. 

Today, three years and many iterations later, the team at CyberdreamVR is proud to launch Virtual Battlegrounds on April 15th.  Jump into this 4 square KM island with an Oculus Rift, Quest (via Link cable only), HTC Vive, various WMP headsets, or Valve Index. 

The game is an all encompassing first person shooter in VR, designed with all of the leading edge locomotion and fluid movement systems that gamers have come to expect for new VR games in 2020.  “The design of the game evolved to answer questions regarding how to bring those who are new to VR up to speed if already fans of first person shooters and Battle Royale, and then again to acclimate fans of VR who are new to VR FPS. 

virtual battlegrounds

The solution was an expansion of five training sandboxes which walk people through VR and tactical VR fps gaming, fit for everyone putting on a VR headset.” Giving a nod to the aim trainers prominent for non-VR competitive shooters, these modes assist gamers master movement systems, cover, weapon handling, climbing and ziplining.  This then evolved again into a separate 5v5 CQC arena mode with private lobbies to play with friends, and PvE and PvPvE bot modes for solo and coop play to master the first map itself.

virtuel Battlegrounds

The game is built in a milsim-lite style and includes custom lobbies, leaderboards and matchmaking.  Core to the fluid gameplay is an incredibly flexible system of integrations with SteamVR, Oculus, LIV, OpenVR, and options available for locomotion, aiming, freelook, interactions and everything else that could be thought of in the last year of internal testing and development.

Virtual Battlegrounds will be available on Steam, and the official PlayVBG.com website. 

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