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WarriOrb Now Available on Steam

by Matthew Wrightson
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Hardcore Action Platformer WarriOrb Now Available on Steam. The devilishly difficult platformer WarriOrb, developed by indie studio Not Yet,  is launching today on Steam! Running on both Windows and Linux, WarriOrb invites players to take on the role of a mighty demon trapped in an unlikely host: a weaponized talking ball with agile limbs and a taste for violence.

In this Soulsborne-inspired jaunt where death is always just around the corner, players push forward to regain WarriOrb’s freedom – and its original demonic form. After all, we’re talking about the Spirit of the Unknown, forced into a pathetic ball body and blamed for the failure of a Very Important Summoning Spell – one that was supposed to bring the Wizard’s daughter back to life (but didn’t). Now it’s up to players to find another way to resurrect her and make things right.

“The idea of WarriOrb started with our first draft of the main character, which was basically an egg with legs,” says Csaba Molnár, co-founder and CEO of Not Yet. “We decided to make our protagonist really simple right out of the gate, since this was our very first title. However, soon afterward we realized that we wanted to implement every feature we enjoyed while playing other games. The development process then became an exercise in trial and error – just like the game itself!”

WarriOrb has been quite the ride,” adds Géza Molnár, co-founder of Not Yet. “We owe everything we know about game development to this ball-shaped demon with an attitude. During production, we felt compelled to produce game content, trash it, then do it all over again – a punishing but also very rewarding development cycle. This is how our six-month ‘mini project’ became a four-year epic!”

Key Features

  • Explore a tragic story of loss and despair told as a comic escapade.
  • Run, jump, bounce, and roll your way to freedom.
  • Marvel at the fact that everything is out to get you.
  • Challenge your skills and reflexes against the deadliest of traps.
  • Solve difficult puzzles in between traps!
  • Commiserate with friendly (and unfriendly) fellows along your journey … while the world is ending.

Pricing & Availability

WarriOrb is now available on Steam (Windows/Linux) for $14.93 – a 17% discount. On May 5, the game will return to its original retail price of $17.99. WarriOrb is also due on consoles later this year.



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