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Borderlands 3 Review

by Matthew Wrightson
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Borderlands 3 Review. Borderlands released on Friday across PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The classic looter shooter is back bigger than ever before and OMG OMG OMG like a teenage girl seeing there pop star crush for the first time the game does not let you down in the slightest.

The game is based on the concept at the hard edge of the galaxy lies a group of planets ruthlessly exploited by militarized corporations. Brimming with loot and violence, this is your home—the Borderlands. Now, a crazed cult known as The Children of the Vault has emerged and is spreading like an interstellar plague. Play solo or co-op as one of four unique Vault Hunters, score loads of loot and save the galaxy from this fanatical threat. Like the original 2 games not counting the prequel here it a crazy joke-filled looter shooter with lots to kill, and the jokes flow. I have read a few other reports saying the game is buggy and not finished from the critics out there but I say this is just critics being critics, myself and about 8 friends have been smashing the game and the only bug we found was on occasion the hitbox was slightly off when shooting.

The Calypso Twins


The Gameplay in Borderlands 3 is fast, action-packed and can punish you for thinking that you can just run in guns blazing at the first sign of trouble. whether you play is a squad or as a lone hunter, the game is going to find a way of making you rethink your strategy. set across several locations some new and some returning like sanctuary, Borderlands covers a vast area of space and planets and lucky for your fast travel is included once you unlock that location this is always useful especially on the Borderlands where a quest location could be a far distance from the spawn point.

The game has 4 main heroes or Vault Hunters as there are known in the game, details are below, each has a different set of special abilities and way there interact with the world from Jokes to actions in the game so choose wisely but if you can get 3 other friends to play with then all bases are covered for those killer bosses that await you,

Vault Hunters

There are 4 vault hunters to choose from since release I have been working through the game playing as Zane whose the operative of the game. but the choice of character style is up to you. the 4 Vault hunters are below.



Moze is a battle-hardened former Vladof army soldier who specializes in mechanized combat. She uses an action skill to digistruct and climb into her bipedal tank, Iron Bear, which has hardpoints suitable for mixing, matching, and mounting high-velocity Railguns, rapid-firing Miniguns, semi-automatic Grenade Launchers, flamethrowers, pneumatic fists, and homing rocket launchers.



Born into Pandora’s notorious Flynt family, Zane is a semi-retired corporate hitman who always has a gadget up his sleeve. His action skills include a SNTNL drone that flys around and attacks enemies with a machine gun, a deployable Barrier shield, and a Digi-Clone that simultaneously distracts enemies and dishes out damage and which Zane can teleport to switch places with.



Gifted with powerful Siren abilities, Amara is a renowned champion of the people and bonafide badass. Using her action skills she can Phaseslam the ground to damage nearby enemies and knock them into the air, Phasegrasp enemies in place with a giant ethereal fist, or even Phasecast an astral projection of herself that deals damage to everything in its path.



FL4K is a wandering robot who always brings one of their three loyal pets into battle to buff stats and attack enemies. Their action skills let them send forth dive-bombing Rakk, teleport Gamma Burst-irradiated pets through rifts, and even Fade Away to temporarily become invisible while moving faster and regenerating health.


There are over one billion guns in Borderlands 3, and every fight is an opportunity to add to your arsenal. Some guns launch exploding sawblades, some never need to be reloaded, others grow legs and pursue enemies on foot when you throw them. Having trouble choosing? Rarity ratings and item scores make it easy to compare the power of your pickups at a glance, but you can also tell a lot about a weapon and its functionality based on its manufacturer. The guns are what makes Borderlands 3 special and crazy from unicorn grenades to an SMG that bounces around the screen screaming ouch until it hits an enemy every one is going to give you a different smile.

Loot boxes are everywhere and I think that I only ran completely out of ammo once whist playing, but i just backtracked, checked in a couple of corners and found some bits I missed and lock n load back in the game If you do miss a rare gun don’t worry you will be able to pick these up at a vending machine later on once you reach Sanctuary.

Borderlands 3 expands and improves many of the key features that made the series a critical and commercial success, while also introducing innovative new concepts to its proven formula, including:

  • A Mayhem-Fueled Thrill Ride: The fanatical Calypso Twins have united the bandit clans and are closing in on the galaxy’s ultimate power. Only you, a thrill-seeking Vault Hunter, have the arsenal and allies to take them down. Uncover the rewarding mysteries, memorable inhabitants, and deep lore of the extensive Borderlands narrative universe.
  • Your Vault Hunter, Your Playstyle: Become one of four extraordinary new Vault Hunters, each with unique abilities and playstyles, deep skill trees, and tons of personalization options.
  • Lock, Load, and Loot: With multiple distinct weapons manufacturers, a revolutionary content generation system, and special legendary drops to uncover, your ever-improving arsenal comes with near-infinite possibilities. Shotguns with bullet shields? Rifles with multiple elemental damage types? SMGs that grow legs and chase down enemies? All of the above!
  • New Borderlands: Discover new worlds beyond Pandora, each featuring unique environments to explore and enemies to destroy. Tear through hostile deserts, battle your way across war-torn cityscapes, navigate deadly bayous, and more!
  • Quick & Seamless Co-Op Action: With the new “level-sync” system, the experience seamlessly scales for each individual player. That means you can play with anyone at any time online or in split-screen co-op, regardless of your level or mission progress. Plus, when you take down enemies and challenges as a team, “loot instancing” ensures you reap rewards that are yours alone – no one misses out on loot.


With that, The Borderlands 3 review, I am only about 20 hours into the game I am sure I will be updating the review on the go if i find any issues or problems, but so far it is an amazing piece of art, beautifully done and gameplay that you would expect from this style of game, The longevity of Borderlands 3 is not a question with planned DLC coming and if it is like any of the previous games then that is something to look forward to. So find the guns get to the Borderlands and find the Vault.

In other news https://www.gamer-plus.co.uk/xbox/sea-of-thieves-content-update/

Rating: 9 out of 10.

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