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Death Stranding Review

by Fernando Campos
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Death Stranding Review, this is our take on one of the games of the year from 2019, exclusive to Playstation 4

Alright, let’s try this.

Death Stranding Trailer

I have been putting off writing this review for the longest time, and finally, I’ve dove into it!
I have pulled the old typing keyboard out, dusted off the old writing laptop and yes, it’s time to try and put into words my experience with “Death Stranding”, Kojima’s latest masterpiece!

If you have not gotten the hint yet, I liked it, I liked it a lot!

Trying to get this as spoiler-free as possible, I will have to describe some of the mechanics of the game going forward (and in the case you’re like me and keeping yourself in the dark this far to fully experience the game, I will try to make this review as spoiler lite as possible, so you can now what to expect when buying and/or playing the game without robbing from you the excitement of actually discovering these mechanics for the first time)

First off, let’s get one thing straight, Death Stranding is not your typical “Open World Action Game”.

Death Stranding is a Cinematic Interactive Experience.

Death Stranding Review

If you set your expectations, you will have a much better time with this title

My recommendations to play this game is a large-good quality screen, a dimmed light silent room and a good set of LOUD headphones (unless you suffer from heart conditions).

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You probably read/saw multiple reviews of this game, positive and negative, like I did before I experienced it, and honestly, most of them described a “walking simulator” with low depth mechanically and less even in action gameplay.

These reviews are not technically wrong.

If you compare Death Stranding to other “Walking Sims” the Experience IS lacking, combat is not so “evolved” that you need to “min-max” your character to achieve maximum damage or efficiency.


Apples and Pears?

As I’ve stated before, Death Stranding is a Cinematic Interactive Experience. You’re not invited to be the meanest badest entity in the instance. You’re asked to dive deep into your soul and discover the story of the Death Stranding (pardon the pun, but the game is named after the crucial event around wich the game develops).

Death Stranding Review

Kojima and Guillermo del Toro knock it out of the park in this one, and if you let yourself get involved in the story, you WILL care about Sam, you will want to know who Fragile is and what she is about, and you WILL want to understand what the F is going on with your BB.

I Sat down to play this game hopeful, by the time I finished it I had gone trough the whole range of emotions towards most of the central characters to the story.

Yes, there are some cookie-cutter moments, there would have to be, you are simulating walking across America after all, BUT, the cinematics and plot points make up for the few times you have to run back for some fillings and thrust me, there are countless HOURS of cinematics.

Well, this took a wrong turn.

I was about to start describing all the awesome systems in the game that was so fun for me to discover, but I’ve just noticed I already surpassed 500 words. And this is supposed to be a website review after all.

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