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Elder Scrolls Online – Let My Adventure Begin

by Matthew Wrightson
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Elder Scroll online is a MMO RPG, allowing you to an open adventure set in the Elder Scrolls universe.

This is not my normal game type, normally I play FPS games and I will enter the world of Tamriel with an open mind, so let the adventure begin.

Lets get started

In this article I am going to cover the base game, I also have the DLC’s for Morrowind and Summerset, however, I thought it only fair to cover these in separate articles.

So i have spent about 30 hours now in the game a i can honestly say that i understand how/why people get captivated by this genre of game. Whether it is going off to rescue some one or to escape a dungeon the game pack it all in.

There is over 100 hours of game play in the original Elder Scrolls online and one can only assume that there is just as much in the DLC’s.

But i need to mention one thing that did annoy me and that is the combat, it felt clunky, the lock on did not always work and i had to bunny hop like i was in Call of Duty to avoid enemies. But this did not retract from an engaging story.


Loot everything, however i quickly filled my bags and had to find a merchant willing to buy my goods. but this is the idea in the game to trade setup guilds, play with friends. The loot ranges from some simple seeds to gold.

Bad guys will normally drop gold, however, sometimes weapons, make sure you pick these up. Everything has a value and XP,


This game is about using your imagination and getting involved, something i had no issue with doing, as the story captivates you, the Map is large and being open world you can stray to the ends of the Elder Scrolls Map and do your own thing.

Hunting, fighting or just playing nice with the locals this has got it all.

8/10 Rating

This is worth buying if you want a solid MMO RPG

more info on the Elder Scroll is available on the link below


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