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Elgato Stream Deck Review

by Matthew Wrightson
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Elgato Stream Deck Review – After getting stuck into streaming for the fun, I wanted to take the next level to make it easier than finding the mouse, I normally stream from Playstation via PC and taking hands of controllers to find the right button on the PC can be consuming. So I finally take the step to get my grubby mitts onto a Stream Deck.


Simple plug and play, that’s what we all like, well you won’t be disappointed here. simple USB play in and it’s ready to go. Download the software and you can start adding the buttons you need.

The software lets you pick the streaming software you use, an example I use Streamlabs OBS and this is in the pack along with the other major platforms that streamer use. a few clicks and that it you are ready.


Whether it is streaming or simply to access programmes quickly without looking through your desktop for the app, you can set these up, Quick tweet out to everyone or simply drop a message on your Twitch feed this I covered for you.

Everything is simple to use and build to your own personal specifications. Then to my favourite part of using the Stream Deck. The soundboard, a new feature recently put onto the software, this allows you to assign sound effects from an audio file to a button press. So if you want some sad trombones when you die in Fortnite, then you just assign the sound effect, give it a name and even copy an image to show off on the button.

Also, you can customise all the images on the deck so if you don’t like the standard ones and want to be more creative then go one then have some fun.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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