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Genesis – Radon 720 Headset Review

by Matthew Wrightson
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Genesis – Radon 720 Headset Review, An affordable headset with the feel and quality of high end, let’s take a closer look at the Radon 720 Headset.


Build Quality

The Radon 720 headset is built using metal construction for the headband to the clasps that hold the ski band in place which makes this a durable piece of kit the headset itself feels premium and is lightweight making it good for long periods of gameplay.

The USB is a 2-meter braided cable that gives you enough length to ensure that even if you have to use lower USB ports on your PC then you are not going to struggle.

Stitching around the earphones is good and well done, and even i could not find a fault.

Sound Quality

This is where the Redon 720 comes into its own the sound quality on these is amazing with its 7.1 virtual sound that is instant and pleasing to your ears, there is no need to download additional software as the headset contains an integrated sound card that does all the work, the 50mm speakers deliver a high-quality sound that matches the high end of the market.

genesis Radon 720


This is the one area that might be a let down that Radon 720 does not have a traditional pull-out mic or one that is they to be adjusted to sit close to your mouth, instead it has a stub on the left earphone that was a little bit of a worry for me.

But i was wrong the microphone is powerful, picking up on all the sound a speech needed to be able to communicate with your friends, I tried this on a couple of hangouts meets and had no issues, however it did pick up on a lot of background noise in the office which might be an issue if you are trying to level up in-game and need to communicate with friends in a critical moment.

Radon 720

The specs

Diameter of driver50 mm
Driver unit materialNeodymium magnet
ColourRed, Black
Impedance32 Ohm
Weight380 g
ConnectorsUSB Type-A
Wire braidCloth cable
Cable length200 cm
Microphone sensitivity-42 dB
Microphone frequency response20 – 16000 Hz
Microphone mountBuilt-in
Sound pressure level102 dB
Headphones frequency response20 – 20000 Hz
Volume controlEarphone-integrated
Audio systemVirtual 7.1
Headphones typeOn-ear

The price

Well, I thought to myself that this headset was going to be in the region of mid to high tier pricing, As the quality and build on this feels premium. however how wrong am I. at the time of writing I did a little Google search and found that the price fulls into the budget end, the highest price I found was £39.99 (price subject to change).

Found out more at https://genesis-zone.com/product/radon-720

We tested this headset over several days with music, games and conference calls. the tests where done not only by myself but with our team of gamers all of whom were blown away at the quality.

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