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It’s the 80’s all over again. Only this time, the human race has more than an obnoxious pop culture to contend with.

With World War III nearing its demise, Earth only just begins to catch its breath when it is threatened by yet another menace. Unlike the preposterous mullets of its inhabitants however, this one’s invisible – a parasitic organism capable of making hosts of unsuspecting human beings, consuming what’s left of their souls and wreaking unfathomable havoc.

And it’s spreading. With a vengeance.

Martial laws have been declared to make way for a global hunt, battle-hardened law enforcers have made allies of the most degenerate of criminals, while the rest of the world is paralysed with paranoia; yet who can be trusted? Who can see it, let alone destroy it? That’s for them to worry about. For you are the enemy.

You are the organism with a mission. You are… HyperParasite.

Snatch. Zap. Repeat.


Generally, I don’t opt for the retro style games, probably due to living through the ’80s and ’90s and playing this style then. But this game has given me an epiphany.

Let me explain, this game gives you everything a modern title can, fast-paced, guns, replayability, Nostalgia, Co-op play and by far the most important FUN.

You play as a parasite so go grab some bodies and shoot anything that moves at a pace that makes you think quick.
The levels are hard this is not going to be any quick 2-hour play through with relentless challenges you are going to be one trigger happy player and bring a friend to help out in Co-op mode makes it even better. There are over 60 different characters to body snatch each giving a different style and weapon learn.

If you run out of lives it’s Game over man, Game over.


Hyperparasite harks back to the classic games of the 90’s style graphic with the unique 3D-pixelated art style, covered with bright Neon. What the developer has managed is to harness this style and put a unique twist to play you in and engage over and over.

With each level having something different to catch your eye, either from the background level style to the enemies that are trying to kill you. it’s just a festival of colour and light just like a night club of the ’80s. just need some leg warms and big hair and we will fit right in.


You’re going to keep coming back to this one without a doubt, the levels are fun, Gameplay is fast-paced and energetic and I can see myself still playing Hyperparasite in quite a few months.

Yes, its not a AAA title but how many of them once you complete the game you continue to play over not many.

Hyperparasite has an addiction level that beats most games and will punish you if you do not pay attention.








Purchase Hyperparasite on Steam Now 

Purchare Hyperparasite on Xbox One 

Released on PS4 on 3rd April Purchase here


Happy Trigger fingers, 80s neon and absolutely addictive gameplay.

Hyperparsite is essential for your collection, just like big, bold, frizzy hair and legwarmers were in the ’80s.


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