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Legends of Runeterra Review

by Fernando Campos
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Legends of Runeterra Review – Legends of Runeterra is the recent Card Game by Riot Games, based on the League of Legends lore.

Well, what to say about legends of runeterra as a MTG afficionado in my youth…

I must say I am impressed.

I played Gwent and Hearthstone, and both seemed quite limited to me, in comparison to the turn system and effect system in LoR, which was the hook line and sinker!

Not only the range of possible viable competitive decks is currently enormous, but it seems at the moment to be extremely well balanced!

Legends of Runeterra

But the real winner in this game is its monetization system, that allows you to, get this, pick and choose any card you want to get specifically if you do choose to support the game financially in the long run (which you absolutely don’t have to, as the game is very “grindable” and extremely generous handing out RNG cards at every reward turn!)

Progress Tips:

There’s a few good streamers out there that do Youtube guides for decks and progression tactics, I won’t ruin the experience of getting down and dirty and figuring these out, but I will give you a 123 on how to get started and progress.

The Beginning: Do AI Challenges! This will progress you through the starting reward bracket and unlock regions, and it’ll give you a bunch of rewards on its own.

Legends of Runeterra

The daily grind: Do the Daily challenge every day (try to get the 1500 XP ones) and try to do a bunch of friendly and PVP matches (ladder is fine, but normal PVP works just as well) to max out your daily bonus XP.

The weekly reward: if you play a bit every day you can get as high as 15 boxes in a week, and man, is it rewarding to open them on Tuesday!

Play now https://playruneterra.com/en-us/

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