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Mutant Football League – REVIEW

by Matthew Wrightson
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I have been playing Mutant Football League for the last couple of weeks now, it brings back so many memories of the original version of this game back on the Sega Mega Drive of Mutant League Football.

If you want a sports game and not looking at the seriousness of Madden then walk this way Mutants.

MFL is a brutal affair with online capabilities so that you can hurt your friends, decapitate players and explode the gameplay.

About the Game

Mutants and monsters unleash maniacal carnage on the gridiron in this action-packed, 7-on-7 arcade-style, fully 3D football game. 

This hilarious and brutal parody of professional American football will introduce you to some of the wildest, most bloodthirsty superstar players to ever strap on shoulder spikes. Players such as JJ. Rott and Nuke Freakly lead stranglehold defenses against the punishing offenses of Bomb Shady,

The Beast, and Ghoulio Bones.  Mutant Football League™ delivers intense online multiplayer action, deep strategy, deadly humor, and of course that signature Dirty Trick plays. 

19 brutal teams clash in fantastical arenas full of deadly hazards setting the stage for mayhem in every contest that allows players to win by highest score, or by killing and eradicating their opponents to the point of submission.

The game itself runs smooth and is highly enjoyable from dropping the ref a bride, to playing a dirty trick to get the edge for the first down, nothing is off the cards.

The season campaign play is first paced and technical with having to remember to resurrect players otherwise you can forfeit a game for having to many players killed.

difficultly is set about right, that even a novice can pickup, learn the ropes and get going fast with a great tutorial and knowledge on the best play for the situation.

Mutant football league is available across all platforms and at the time i purchased it was £15.99 in the PSN store.

Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/529520/Mutant_Football_League/



  • Pick from up to 25 Teams of Monsters & Mutants

25 vicious teams are made up of a variety of awesome 3D characters including:  Mutated Super-Humans, Skeletal Deadheads, Armored Bruiserbots, Criminal Aliens, Monstrous Orcs, Rampaging Werewolves, and Hell-Spawned Demons. Fans are even helping decide what types of species, how they look, their names, and attributes.​

  • Become the League’s Next Dynasty
    Dynasty Mode is a single-player experience where you become the coach and GM of your favorite MFL team and turn a group of unproven rookies into a mob of monstrous all-stars by winning multiple Mayhem Bowls over several seasons. It includes multi-season gameplay, player trades, cumulative player XP, salary management, custom playbooks, and free agent signings.
  • Grab Your Friends for some Multiplayer Action

This is a game you want to play with your friends, so we’re bringing 2-player online competitive, and up to 4-player local competitive and co-op – so you can laugh at your friends while you crush them under your cleats, or team-up and destroy all who dare challenge you.​

  • Cheat Your Competition out of Victory with Dirty Tricks
    These are nasty, mean, unfair, and lowdown plays intended to devastate the opposition, and if that doesn’t work, kill them.  Each team has its own set of twisted special plays to use each half to Bribe a Ref, throw Bombs, or equip Shotguns and Chainsaws to your players to inflict maximum carnage against the unsuspecting competition for real difference-making moments!
  • Survive Killer Stadiums, Weather, & Fans

Punch, pass, and kick your way through freakishly large stadiums packed with crazed and obnoxious weapon-wielding fans cheering their teams on!  The playing fields are strewn with diabolical hazards, booby traps, and debris such as land mines, toxic pools, thin ice, lava flows, and buzz saws.  If the obstacles don’t kill you, the weather probably will.  Watch out for lightning strikes, acid rain, blizzards, and the occasional meteor shower.  No two fields are the same and they’re all deadly!​

  • Play as Your Favorite MFL All-Stars

The stars of the league are wisecracking lunks that parody their real-life counterparts with special skills, ferocious abilities, trash talking, and rising kill counts.  Some of the personalities that dominate the MFL include Von Killer, Airbourne Dodgers, Hambonio Crown, Maulie Smack, and Shiekial Helliot. 

  • The Mouth of The MFL

NBA Jam and NFL Blitz hall of fame commentator, Tim Kitzrow, gives unforgettable, adult-oriented play-by-play commentary for every game. 

  • Wreak Gridiron Carnage upon Your Rivals

This is the wildest, goriest, most outrageous football game ever!  Over the top visual and gore, effects include blood splatters, comically horrific deaths, fire effects, exploding body parts, and dismemberment. 

  • Dominate Your Opponents However You Like

Multiple punishing play modes like Training Camp, Exhibition, Practice, Play-Offs, or try to survive a 13-game Full Season to reach the ultimate glory: The Mayhem Bowl! And now Dynasty Mode! 

  • Laugh Out Loud at the Tongue-Through-Cheek Humor

A fun, entertaining, and off-the-wall parody of professional American football… with all the excitement, hard-hitting action, lunacy, unspeakable greed, corporate ruthlessness, hypocrisy, and over-the-top egos the NFL has to offer.  And there’s farting at the line of scrimmage.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

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