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SADES AXE GAMING MOUSE REVIEW, we recently got our hands on the Sades Axe gaming mouse and have been testing it for a few weeks now on various games and machines and below is our review and thoughts on this little gem.

This is a budget mouse and i know what gamers are going to say and that budget stuff never works or feels cheap, well gamers you are wrong and in for a surprise here.


Ok so the important one first is this going to look good in my gaming setup, truly YES, the ergonomic design of the Sades Axe gaming mouse with its RGB lighting will fit nicely into any setup, the mouse itself packs in lots of features (which I will get to shortly).

Comfort-wise the Sades Axe is a larger style of the mouse on first look however even with my size of hands it is comfy to use and no issues reaching the buttons, I also got our resident gamer girl SmallJazzy to try it out and her comment was that the feel and size was no problem when popping heads on CS: GO.

Sades AXE


As I mentioned the Axe is packed with features that you would normally associate with the more high-end mouses in the market place and the top ones I have listed below

4 programmable buttons – these sit on the left side of the mouse with easy no-look control meaning just have your thumb ready to go and those MMO or FPS games are going to be simple, I recently played some Fortnite with these buttons set to build and God those walls went up quick.

Added weight – yes that’s right the Sades Axe allows the option to add weight to the mouse, an additional 10.5g this is all about getting the perfect balance and response you need.

RGB, simple one it’s all about the lights and with 12 different combos you a sure to find one that works for you.

sades axe


So we have been testing this one for a while and across many a game and even for a simple task like site content for Game-Plus.

The mouse itself is a great find with a smooth glide and precise movement from mouse to screen the Axe is a winner in our book. It is a plug and Play device however to get the most from it I would recommend installing the software drivers that are available this will allow you to change up the programmable buttons control lights and give you the options we all like to have.

I struggled to find faults with the mouse as it seemed to hit the marks that I would expect when gaming.

From the teams perspective, the overall feeling was that if you are looking for a new mouse and in the budget market then look no further this is going to be one of the better ones on the market.

sades axe



Ergonomic , Right-Handed

Grip Style : Claw , Fingertip

Buttons : 12

Length : 124 mm/ 4.88 in

Width : 79 mm/ 3.12 in

Height : 43.5 mm/ 1.72 in

Cable Length : Approx. 1.8 m/ 5.91 ft

Input Plug : Gold-plated USB Plug

Built-in Memory : 32k built-in memory

Product Dimensions (L x W x H) : 124 x 79 x 43.5 mm


Optical Sensor : PMW3325 , 10,000 DPI

Sensor Type : Optical

CPI : 200 〜 10,000

Footpad Lifespan : 500 kms

Maximum Acceleration : 20 G

Maximum Speed : 100 in/s

Report Rate: 125/ 250/ 500/ 1000 Hz (Default Value : 500 Hz)

Omron Switch Lifespan : 20 million clicks

At time of publishing the cost of the Sades Axe Gaming Mouse was £26.99 and can be purchased from Amazon

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