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STEELSERIES – ARCTIS PRO WIRELESS REVIEW – It comes to us all eventually that we need to replace our headset, my issue is that I have several different ones depending on which system I am using PS4, PC etc. PS4 was a Razer Kracken, Corsair Void Elite on PC.

The biggest issue with having multiple headsets and the current working from home is that it got to be a bit of a pain changing depending on work calls, game chat with friends etc. So it was time to upgrade and to see if I can find an all in one system.

After a bit of research and head-scratching, I found the ARCTIS PRO WIRELESS promising that it could do this, then I saw the price £280. which almost made me cry as this is the top end of pricing, however then I thought well I spent £300 just on my headphone for commuting to the office and when you cost down the amount of gaming I do the price is actually not that bad.

So lets take a look at the headset.



The Arctis Pro follows the clean design of the Arctis series from Steelseries, however, the quality in the design and feel from the all-metal and aluminium headset brings this into a league of its own.

With it’s Lossless 2.4G & Bluetooth connectivity meaning no cables from the headset to get trapped or wrapped around the dog makes it plain sailing for the moveability and connectivity front.

The Pro wireless comes complete with a desktop box that is the control point for the headset and is easy to set up and plug n play.


arctis pro wirless back view

Connections are always the important thing, so in my case, I needed to connect a PS4, PC and Soundbar to the box. this is where the ARCTIS PRO WIRELESS is great but also shows a slight limitation which I will explain shortly.

So the back of the box has the following

  • 3.5mm line in
  • 3.5mm line out
  • DC power input
  • USB mini port
  • Digital Optical in
  • Digital Optical out

So PS4 Pro connection needs the Optical in and the USB, Optical is for the sound from the PS4 and the USB is your Mic connection.

PC needs the USB for Mic and sound and this is where the slight limitation sits, if you want both PS4 mic and PC mic to work you either have the change over cables everytime you play on PC or get a switch from a retailer to do the work for you.

However, I did a bit of a workaround here. I used the Line in for PC sound as I have a Razer desktop mic for streaming and technically would not need a headset mic here. however, if you don’t have a separate Mic this is going to be an issue.

But overall I have now got both Playstation and PC hooked in and just a twist of a dial can flick between them both and on top have my soundbar working on the Optical out to immerse myself when not in a party.

Sound Quality

The quality of Sound on the Arctis Pro Wireless blow me away, The headset sound is phonominal when playing games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare i could hear so much more and even sounds i never heard before. example on my previous headset i stuggled to hear footsteps at the lower end of the speturm and if game fire was close.

Pro Wireless Sounds

Now its like a whole new world with sound coming from all directions i can pin point if its just over the hill or across the map.

Now i am never going to be one for Specs but for those interested

Neodymium Drivers

40 mm

Headphone Frequency Response

10–40,000 Hz

Headphone Sensitivity

102 dB SPL

Headphone Impedance

32 Ohm

Headphone Total Harmonic Distortion

< 1%

All base station and Steelseries engine allow you to tweak the sound in the equaliser to presets or your own preference along with switching sidetones, surround and other things to optimal sound. So you are not limited to what the manufacture insists on like other headsets on the market.

In the Box

So you are spending £280 on the headset whats in the box, well simply everything you need.

Arctis Pro Wireless Headset
Transmitter Base Station
USB Audio Cable
Toslink Optical Cable
Mobile Audio Cable
Mobile Charging Cable
Microphone Windscreen
Product Information Guide

The informing guide is informative and gives you a step by step instructions on how to get set up and running quickly.

In other news greatest clips of the week

To view the SteelSeries range click here

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